A can of worms? Just some observations! (longish)

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Posted by Chris ( on June 22, 2000 at 05:03:17:

Firstly, let me say that I am fairly new to this board only having discovered it early this year. I have to say that it has helped me enormously in my fight with the medical profession over CH (I an episodic and currently in remission, though I wasn't when I found the board).

However, I cannot help but notice that there appears to be an atmosphere of 'in-fighting' here. I just watched another individual state that this is good-bye. That is sad. This person appeared to be offering what they felt was helpful advice (it didn't strike me as criticism, more a helpful shove in a different direction). They were then pounced on because their view differed from that of someone else.

While I am not familiar with a lot of the personalities on the board (the regulars), since I haven't 'known' them that long and have really only had the opportunity to get to 'know' them through what they have posted (and that is a very poor way to get to know anyone), I can't help but feel that the atmosphere here is not ideal.

In fact, I thought long and hard before this post! I have refrained in the past out of fear of being 'sniped' at. However - have at me if you want. I feel strongly about this and would like to see a friendlier, more tolerant atmosphere.

Personally, if I took offence at a particular post I would initially e-mail the individual if possible rather than flame them publically - out of consideration for all those who 'lurk' and there are lots and lots of those. What do you think they must feel watching some of the flame-fests that have been taking place?

This latest little brouhaha seems to have started over Carl. I have been watching that from the sidelines (as I guess have many). I don't have an opinion either way in that issue as I DO NOT know Carl or his situation ( Sorry to drag you into this pal - I don't see you as the cause, OK?) However, it is plain (at least to me) that people were trying to help - or at least that was how it appeared. Why not let the recipient judge as to the usefullness/otherwise of the advice? Now there's a radical thought!

If we are capable of standing up to CH we should be capable of looking at advice and accepting/rejecting it shouldn't we? I know I am.

Well I've had my say - I'll probably get boiled in oil for saying it, but I was getting fed up with all the petty back biting and sniping that was going on (some of it extremely personal - I am not religious but wouldn't dream of putting down someone elses beliefs - for example).

Everybody stay as pain free as you can and enjoy what you have got - you could be starving in Africa or in some hellhole dissident jail somewhere! Think about it!

Best regards, Chris.

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