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Posted by Simon ( on June 29, 2000 at 19:46:01:

Riccardo made an interesting point below about whether he, I and a few others from
beyond the confines of the US actually exist. Since my wife assures me that I do, and Iíve
chatted to Riccardo a few times, Iím assuming that weíre as real as drummer (not that
that says a lot!).

Itís true that a lot of what we say is ignored, but Iím used to that. We have to realise,
though, that the situation here is different from the that in the States, our concerns
naturally focus on other areas, and, numerically, there simply arenít as many of us.

It is galling to spend two hours constructing a well-reasoned post, then find one or two
replies, yet see a flippant remark on the line above draw a stream of 30 one line
responses which push oneís comments off the page, condemning them to cyber-oblivion.

Iíve been here long enough (longer than anyone but DJ himself) to realise that itís
nothing personal, and it is quite fun to join the humour bandwagon occasionally. This
aspect then, being relegated to the foot of the board, doesnít really worry me.

What I WAS a little upset about was the comments from two Brits who implied there was
nothing, or very little, here from the UK. First, it struck me that neither of them had been
around long, or consistently, enough to criticise on that level. Second, since a lot of the
stuff here is to do with pain and medication, it is transnational anyway, and UK
comments donít leap out as such (thank God - what does it matter where the
contributions come from?) Third, I have spent a considerable amount of time lately trying
to get a British angle going through my own site, while keeping it interesting, or useful,
to others. (To find a few posts above, that being ignored, and neither person putting
anything on e-paper to me was puzzling.)

I have felt for a long while that a British site would be useful - as an ADJUNCT to, not a
replacement for this great site. Having been around for a long while, I feel uniquely able
to see where the ďgaps in the marketĒ are, and have now decided to work on those -
surely the only way to make it worthwhile. Thereís no point simply saying ďoh, we need a
siteĒ, duplicating whatís already out there, and just banning those who say ďhumorĒ
instead of ďhumourĒ. So weíll see how it goes.

In the meantime, those in the UK - please visit the site, and tell me what you think - even
if itís only to tell me itís crap. This place took a long while to get going, but look at it
now - that happened because of patience and DJís responding to ďcustomer demandĒ.

Are we going to make a go of it?


BTW thanks to the people who HAVE responded - no criticism of you intended.
PS. Iím away for a few days next week - so please understand if I donít reply
PPS. Iím happy to extend things to the rest of Europe is thereís a call for it, but I believe
in walking before I run!

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