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Posted by Miguel ( on July 04, 2000 at 23:45:25:

In Reply to: 9 months pregnant with a CH attack... need help with non-medicine solutions posted by Lori on July 04, 2000 at 22:25:24:

Well Lori, I hate prescription drugs, and as a matter of
fact all drugs. Therefore, we might be in the same boat,
although for different reasons. Because of my preferences,
I always search for ways to deal with CH in ways other
than taking medication, OTC or ethical ones.

I take B-150 vitamin on daily basis (for the rivoflavin) 1/day
Also, I take feverfew, and MAgnesium. None of these
should have any major side effects. They can be found in your run
of the mill vitamin supplements, perhaps similar
to the ones you have been taking during your pregnancy. Now, these
are preventive supplements to avoid CH, but they do
not hurt if taken daily, even when in CH cycle.

You noted the O2. That is a fairly harmless (to the
baby, that is) therapy. It is usually quite effective. I have never used
it myself. However, I do hyperventilation exercises followed by
hypoventilation. Do them cyclicaly as soon as you feel
an attack coming. You will become light headed. Do not
worry, it should not have any long term effect. This is something that helps at
the onset of the attack. As soon as you feel it coming, or as they call it here:
Shadows. Thinking of it about the
"puff-blow" birth exercise? have you tried it during the shadows? Do it with vengance!
it has a purpose, to make you light headed, and improve your blood
circulation, as well as give you something to focus on instead of the pain (i.e.: as during

Also, I do not know if you are allowed, or are in the position of being able
to do some aerobic exercise such as vigorous walking (since sit-ups are likely out
of the question at this point, right?). Simply, you need a form of exercise
that will get your body to produce some endorphins,
the natural, body-made pain killer. Safe and helpful for the birth
endeavor to come too!

Meditation is excellent - practice focusing on a very pleasant place, and doing
your breathing exercises. This will help you also in pre-CH (shadows) conditions with a
better frame of mind. Do it even when you are in the middle of the attack as well. I know...I know...
it hurts and it is tough to focus, but give it a shot.

Also, try the same old and tried tricks of:

Dark room
Lying on your side or back
No noise
Ice pack in the middle of the forehead own personal finding....reast the base of your skull
on a glass bottle with some soft ridges, i.e.: old coke bottle. Put your
feet up so they are above your head. Focus on breathing, in total darkness
while applying a bit of pressure with the back
of your head on the glas bottle. I usually find
a walk-in closet, where I can shut the door, be in total darkness,
lay my head on the Coke bottle, and put my feet up resting on the wall.

Other preventives: Diet - avoid chocolates, alcohol and cigs (I am
sure that you do not do any of these since both are big no-no's in pregnancy),
minimize, or avoid all milk products (take a calcium supplement
instead, as well as a vitamin A & D supplement to make up for the dietary
deficiency). Your bones have plenty of reserves, at least to cover you for the two
weeks remaining prior to birth (unless you have
some bone mass depletion problem). Also, avoid heavy foods,
spicy foods. Reduce salt intake to a minimum! you are probably
retaining enough water as it is with the pregnancy. Yes, drink plenty of fluids, water :).

Avoid chemical odors at all cost, including perfumes, colognes, essences, insecticides,

Last but not least, think positively in spite of the condition. It can become an
emotional and physical downward spiral if you let it...

Additionally, it appears that female CH sufferers experience relief during
the period they nurse their baby. So, you may not have long to go until relief is here.

I am sorry to hear that you are so miserably affected, perticularly during such a great
experience as pregnancy and birth is for everyone. I hope that
you feel better and find some relief very soon.


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