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Posted by Miguel ( on July 05, 2000 at 15:17:07:

In Reply to: Trigger pulled...whence the pain? posted by Dennis O'C on July 05, 2000 at 02:43:46:


You question is very valid, paricularly because of the inconsistencies between thigs that may cause an attack during cycle, which will not when outside of it.

Understanding a few things about metabolism may help you determine
which things may and which may not harm you.

The body cleans itself via metabolic pathways that
remove "undesirable" agents/substances from the bloodstream and excretes them via
urination, defecation, prespiration, emesis, etc. The principal organs involved in
this "cleansing" are the liver and the kidneys. They act as filters for what the body considers as harmful, toxins.
The point is that some of these undesirable toxins may not be cleared at all from the body, i.e.: DDT and other chemicals.
Some of those toxic elements that may remain in our bodies, might be stored in our tissues, i.e.: in body fat. Now, consider the following;
if our livers did not fuction, nor our kidneys, the alcohol found in one beer would be suficient to ensue an episode of severe inhibriation in some cases.
However, the lacohol and other components of the beer are absorbed and cvleared from the body faster than some may take effect if repeated dosing does not occur.
That is when "outrunning" the clearance rate of the liver and kidneys become important. One beer will not have much of an effect on most people, but
6 will, particularly if consumed rapidly. What you are observing is then a cumulative effect. The alcohol level in plasma increases the more we drink because
our body can not clear it out fast enough. Subsequently, we experience inhibriation, at different levels which depend on how much we consumed, of course.
The same principle applies for many other things that we ingest or somehow become exposed to. They may not be cleared out of the body. Eventually, they reach a concentration in our bodies that
will elicit a reaction, or affect other reactions in our bodies. If a beer does not affect you when not in cycle, but produces severe CH during cycle, there might be other factors involved which
control our tolerance to that beer and how it is cleared/incorporated in our bodies during the CH cycle. Our sensitivity to substances might be hightened because of cumulative factors or a pre-disposition to a metabolic
problam during cycle. Always consider accumulation as part of the equation when weighing if something might be potentially harmful during and off cycle.


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