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Posted by Miguel ( on July 05, 2000 at 20:57:05:

In Reply to: Alcohol Question posted by Miguel on July 05, 2000 at 15:30:25:

Well, with the two responses that noted no CH effect
due to alcoholic beverages I think we have a new twist
to this evading and painful condition.

The rationale for the questionaire was to see if
there is a correlation between the concentration
of alcohol consumed and CH. Milder attacks may derive
from beverages containing less alcohol. However, it seems
that with very few exceptions any amount of alcoholic beverage
consumed is "deadly" to sufferers.

Sencondly, I am intrigued about how fast an attack
may happen after consuming an alcoholic beverage
I thought that perhaps the concentration of alcohol
in the drink may bring a faster or slower attack. Also, how fast it
is absorbed by the body may influence the onset of an attack.
Here we draw an impasse since not enough information is available from
respondents nor literature. The little information available is
not specific enough to make any conclusions.
It would be interesting for those that frequent this board, as well
as those that just look without posting to note
how long it takes for CH attack to develop
after drinking alcoholic beverages, and what of alcoholic
beverage it is.

Thridly, in consideration to the fact that it may not be
the alcohol in the drink, but other component, i.e.:
yeast residue from the fermentation process, the hops, tannin, etc
I though that it would be interesting to see how many may suffer
CH from eating a dish made with an alcoholic beverage. Again, we reach here an
inpasse for lack of available information. If you eat a meal
cooked with an alcoholic beverage, please note what type and if CH

Alcohol seems to be among the only few commonalities that this CH problem holds
among sufferers, with very few exceptions, of course. The exceptions are at least minimal
when it comes to alcohol-related CH. May be it is me, but at times CH feels
like the worst hangover...one that doesn't go away until the next
fun night...

that is why I think alcoholic beverages may hold some information...
because of if prevalent effect among sufferers, where it seems that
most other things happen to sectors of sufferers, thus making the
problem even more puzzling.

I am not suggesting that anyone here goes and starts
drinking to gather data. The pain is too excruciating to do that.
However, since many (including myself) seem to not be affected
by alcoholic beverages when "off" cycle, we seem to get at times caught
drinking some form of alcoholic beverage when our first CH of a cycle
soon follows. So, when that happens, please note if you will some of the things
I posed as question in my initial post. Also, note if you can
whether foods cooked with booze, and what type of booze was utilized. This can
be achieved with or without being in cycle.



P.S. BTW ....here is a CH-free "virtual" beer to all
that responded and will respond :)

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