Silver squirted up your nose...Anyone tried?

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Posted by ADame ( on July 17, 2000 at 08:47:19:

There is a silver mixture that is not out on the market yet, but a nurse swears by in my area. There are machines that you can order and make your own. I do not know all the details yet...but it is some kind of silver stick and you dip it and get this liquid and you put it in a squeeze bottle and squirt it up your nostril.

This lady is the smartest person I know. During my brother-in-laws illness with cancer (he died May 2nd this year) she brought us all this information about alternative medicine that she is involved with. Her brother is a doctor and she has all these degrees. By the time the stuff came, my brother-in-law had died and my sister had to return it. It was alternative meds for cancer...My brother-in-law might have responded to that if it was used at the beginning, but he was so far gone...wasn't even diagnosed 1 year.

I will find out more information, I believe this lady is working on patten and all the stuff that goes with something like this..., however, she has 2 physicians and most nurses using it locally. They use it for all types of illnesses....and swear by it.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject. If it worked on Clusters as a preventative or once it took hold, wouldn't that just be wonderful! I plan to try it on my next episode, so I will report back results on me.


I had a migrane on Saturday, not a CH, but I still feel like the Demon is trying to rev up and take hold of me I am trying to "baby" my head and I am being very careful now....shadows all the time, but just one one side....left. I used my Imitrex Spray and some Vistaral along with some Tynelol Saturday...

RX workers.....I had several RXs that I have kept just in case I got into a cycle again. One for Tylenol # 3, Imitrex Injections, Imitrex Spray, Vistaral, & Zoloft. I was getting the Imitrex Spray filled, the Vistaral and Tylenol # 3. They said the Tylenol # 3 was written over 6 months ago and we can't fill it, you will have to get your doctor to write you another one. I said, "I am a Cluster Headache" sufferer and I don't get them filled unless I need them, so, now I need them". She said, sorry, I can't. If I had known that I would have gotten it filled right away and put it in my nightstand along with everything else. But, I learned something new again that we face. Now this was Saturday way to get it rewritten at that time. No big head wasn't that bad yet...but, what if it had been....If it isn't you having to fight the insurance companies for what meds they are willing to pay for, then it is docs that don't understand, now it is Pharmacists regulating prescriptions that the docs write for you. The lady at the cash register heard me say I had CH and she said her husband suffered from them from time to time. She said they used a combination of Witch Hazel and Alcohol rubbing it near the spine down the back...She couldn't remember the exact thing to do, however, she took my business card and said she would call me and let me know what it was....She said it sounds dumb, but it seemed to work for him...(Her ex-husband I might add.) I would try that too.....Wouldn't you...? Has any one tried this remedy before?

I bought the Capazone with the intent on inserting a drop up my nostril as Becca suggested, but I used it on my neck instead. My neck has been so stiff...Becca's logic seems correct in using this arthritis med for CH and I may still try it....but on the warnings it firmly says avoid contact with eyes and moucas membranes....By the way I used heat along with the Capazone and it burnt my neck like a sunburn. I souldn't have used the heat along with it I guess....helped my neck though. Thanks Becca for E-mailing me the info.


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