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Posted by Shannon ( on August 13, 2000 at 20:33:03:

I was wondering for all of you out there. I have now been having these damn HA for gosh 2 months maybe longer ( all a blur at this point) Any way I do not eat very well (all of my friends give me shit) I eat maybe one meal a day - I lost about 25 pounds (went from 132 to 107) in a 7 month period of time so not to fast and it was prob about 4-5 months ago when I stopped. Any way I still do not eat very much not because I am trying to lose weight but because I am simply hardly ever hungry. I do not know anything about vitamins and minerals and do not know what magnesium comes from but since I have heard of a possible link between magnesium and HA could it be that I simply do not have enough in my system. Any time that the DR has ever done blood work the only thing that he ever mentioned to me was High Red blood cells (he says due to smoking). So do you guys think that maybe my poor diet may be causing these things to not go away, or is 2 months a common period of time for these damn things. They are horrible and are drivingme crazy. Every day I hear what is wrong Shannon and my responce is oh nothing my head just hurts, I am tired of it hurting. It is not stopping me from doing things, I push on any way, but enough is enough. When does the break come. It hurts right now and it is making me a not very happy person. It switches sides it has no definate time of when it is comming (although mostly in the evening (not late at night but from 4-11pm). Sorry for the complaining but everyone else is tired of hearing it. My boyfriend told me last night that he is staritng to think it is just an excuse for everything that I do, I have been sad alot lately and that is simply not my personaily, i think they are affecting my whole being. So do you guys think it would be worth me going BACK to the doctor and having him take blood work to check my magnesium levels, or should I just maybe go to GNC and get some (if you can even get it there), or WHAT? Please respond to my questions in a language that a 24 year old not a Dr. person can understand. haha. Some of you I think are sitting with medical dictionaries when you post things- ha. Thankyou in advance for answering my questions.

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