GEO I have only this to say.................. (long post!!)

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Posted by Tracy ( on August 29, 2000 at 06:27:02:

In Reply to: Pardone mwa- Madame...? posted by Geo on August 29, 2000 at 03:44:15:

as far as wanting to know how your comments would exclude me? Just read my post again (as yourself keep insisting we keep reading yours).

With respect, I submit that the point you are making is that only those that may have, nay, DO have worthwhile comments and points with regard to treatments, test, etc should post. That the "smears of grime" as you call our joking around and supporting of, and with, each other should be, at worst kept to a minimum, and at best disposed of altogether. For those CH sufferers like myself whose doctors have refused, repeatedly, to send them for tests and treatments. Who even refuse to give them any painkilling medication, telling them to "stick with the paracetamol" (an english otc painkiller), we would not be able to post here. I have NOTHING to say to help people with advice on treatments, tests, etc. So how would I be able to input? The ONLY thing I can do is offer support, a laugh and a shoulder to cry on as and when the need arises. My friends here (you know who are) offer me the same in return. Anyone else that takes my support but gives nothing back, that's fine too. After all, I do not give support to receive it.

This is NOT a clinical site. DJ, bless him, let's us have pretty much free-reign. I try not to abuse that, as does everyone else. If I see a post I don't agree with, I SKIP it. How simple is that? You SKIP (pass by; ignore; do NOT acknowledge the presence of) the posts that you consider "smears of grime", posts that are beneath your high intellect it would seem. What part of that do YOU not understand?

However, Geo, remember that these same people whose posts you are dismissing as beneath your contempt, are the same people who will be here to support you in your worst times.

I have to say that after re-reading your post I notice that you say much without saying a lot. A bit of a budding politician too, hmmm? You cloud the facts with so much fluff. Our prime minister Tony Blair would adore you! You are the stuff spindoctors are made of!

I do not take offence at your comments that are more personal to me. I have found on numerous occasions in the past, that those who spit contempt at others because of their poor background, their "working class" accent or their lack of designer clothing, are the same people whose lives lack warmth and have no self confidence in their abilities or even their own self worth. I would however like to point out that I passed all my exams at school, I did a year long course at college in 6 months and passed, I worked my way up in every job I had and always left with great praise and offers of a job for life if I ever wished to return. I now run my own business, which through sheer hard work is now beginning to show fruition. I did this all through suffering numerous personal setbacks and private heartbreaks. I have had people like you put me down all my life. I will continue to prove you, and your ilk, wrong.

I am not blowing my own trumpet inasmuch as I know that I am NOT the only one who has achieved all this. In fact, I'm pretty sure that there are many here who quietly beaver away and have achieved more than I could ever hope to. But you will not see us, you do not wish to acknowledge that those you scorn for their frivolity (or as you insist on calling it "smears of grime")are full as much your equals. We are free thinking individuals with a spirit and full as much as heart as you could ever hope to have. We, none of us, are better than you Geo, but we are as good as you. As the good Book says, "judge not, lest ye be judged". You would do well to remember that. Humility wins more friends than arrogance ever could.

But, like everyone else here, I will always be here if you ever need a hand to help you. No grudges are borne with me. Our disagreements will continue I am sure, but a hand of friendship is still extended. The saddest thing is I doubt if you will accept it. But it will remain extended all the same.

Take care and God bless,


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