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Posted by Geo ( on August 29, 2000 at 12:16:53:

We at sector.com would duly like to extend our apologies to anyone who may've been offended by any of several reactionary and, decidedly vociferous postings left at this site by Mr. Geo, an employee of our firm. As you well know, Mr. Geo, is a sufferer of the condition clinically known as migrainous neuralgia (commonly known as clusterheadache)and as well has been daignosed with bi-polar disorder. Although Mr. Geo is highly regarded executive of our establishment, we do realise that at times he can tend to be argumentative, defensive, vigilant, unreasonable, stubborn, anal-retentive, pig-headed, asenine, and for all intents and purposes, give off the absolute impression of being no more than a pompous bastard. However,we would like to say, on Mr. Geo's behalf, that his relationship with this establishment, while at times, tumultously aggrivating,is in fact a good one; And that Mr. Geo, though poorly understood by those unfamiliar with his braggardliness,and combative opinionation, is a well meaning, good natured and good-humored individual, who is very candid, compassionate, and versatile in talent, personality and reasonably moral character. He has a high regard for his fellow human beings-If even displaying what may be interpreted as some degree of anti-social reclusiveness and/or detatchment from others, but he he is a person whom we've come to know, respect and love, as one who spares no effort in exercising all the humility, patience, selfless kindness one person can possibly muster, always concientous of the welfare of others before himself, and strives quite hard to consider what is good for the whole, even while treating respectfully the integrity of the individual.

The fact of the matter is, that it seems as though you, the patronage of CH.com, have gotten more out of him than we have ever been able to, and though we've always suspected he was a bit looney, we had no idea that the problem was this serious.

Nonetheless we appreciate your patience and kindness in bearing with Mr. Geo, and do hope that you continue to tolerate his bullheadedness, as we do know he can be a rightful pain in the ass.
We assure though that he cares for all you, in your own suffering,and is in fact empathetic thereto,wishing any and all a speedy recovery from whatever degree of the similar condition may be oppressing them, as it has himself, for so very long.

In the interim, we are currently placing Mr. Geo under the care of a psychiatrist, and looking into the matter of perhaps providing him with some form of psychoactive medication (or long-term inpatient care, whichever comes first).

If anyone would like to send any feedback or commentary regarding Mr. Geo, his condition, or any information at all that might aid us in better dealing with this lunatic, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address posted.

Thank you very much, and have a pleasant evening,
Yours truly

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