Lyme IS common and the headaches are real

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Posted by wolfmist ( on September 01, 2000 at 07:32:04:

In Reply to: I have Lyme Disease!!! posted by Jeanine on August 31, 2000 at 13:40:07:

My sister has had Lyme disease for 11 years. It's NOT as curable as the literature will put about. Especially once it's become resident in the spinal cord. She has periods of remission but it always returns. She does not ever remember being bitten by a tick in her life. I hope that your case is easily put into remission. I know that for many people it is. Just have a care about future tick bites because you can be reinfected and once you have Lyme disease you can't take the vaccine.

My sister has developed pseudotumor cerebrus which is a pocket of fluid around the optic nerve. This is a direct result of the Lyme and the heavy doses of antibiotics. It has, so far, only affected women. She's going blind very slowly and she is in tremendous pain.

Don't treat those headaches disrespectfully.. how would you like to have to have a spinal tap to relieve the pressure in your head and then have it only work very briefly?

We've all been misdiagnosed on our road to proper care and treatment, especially if we are women. It's not the fault of the patient if they desperately search for what is wrong and it's not their fault if a doctor tells them they have cluster headaches and they have something else... I have had headaches for 7 years now and only recently found a doctor who had the faintest clue. I was not considered a likely candidate for clusters because I'm a woman. Guess what.. the headaches didn't care about my gender one bit!

Misdiagnosis is common in these type of subjective pain disorders.

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