Shame we seem to be the only ones thinking about this...

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Posted by Geo ( on September 04, 2000 at 18:36:46:

In Reply to: CANDIDA YEAST MSG posted by viviane on September 04, 2000 at 16:12:43:

and the consensus seems to be "so what",
or "that's nuts", in some cases but not all, yet I don't see that anyone wants to consider certain things as remotely possible. Yet what's more nutso than swallowing a bunch of pills, breathing gas,and sticking needles in your body to check an illness that has no known cause and no known cure? Worst of all, paying for it?

(Ah'w shit-here I go again...)

No I'm not defending my opinion or anyone elses, and yes, I understand that for those of you who are swallowing pills and sticking needles in your body and breathing gas, I understand that you are doing what you need to do to stop the pain, so don't get all upset, please( I'm the one who endorsed crack-cocaine as the miracle cure, remember? ).
Do I accept candida or yeast infection as the absolute answer? No. Do I accept head trauma as the only potential cause? I know it is not. Do I accept ideas such as electromagnetism or barometric pressure as absolute contributors to CH attack? No. Do I except DR. Goadsby's overgrown hypothalamus research as absolute? No.
What I DO accept is what my body tells me is, or might be going on, irregardless of whether or not what I think it could be is what it is or not. Yes, I have gotten mega attacks before earthquakes and thunderstorms;yes I have gotten attacks after eating certain things, or not eating at all;yes, I've experienced eltromagnetic radiation as a possible trigger or influence.Yes, my head was knocked around years ago, and since then I've been having these attacks. I don't subscribe at all to any one answer, but as long as know that any or all of these things are real in themselves, I'm not going to limit myself to one perspective about what's going on in my own head, and I'm certainly not about to lie to myself and deny that what I see, or feel in my own body, is not so. If I could summarize all possibilities into one big picture, I would say-

1:That CH is a condition the origins of which are based on numerous types of influences, both physiological and environmental

1a:That the physiological factors which are relevant to CH may be due to anomalies of many kinds, whether it be an overgrown hypothalamus,displaced cervical discs,head trauma,
congental nerve, muscle, blood or bone infections, disorders or damage,. Such anomalies may be invisible or difficult to detect or trace.

1b:That the environmental factors relevant to CH may be of many types, whether it is yeast,pollutants,chemicals,heavy metals, additives, preservatives,electromagnetic radiation, barometric pressure, and so on, all of these things which DO, and have been researched and proven to affect the human body in various ways, some known, others not wholly understood.

2:That CH sufferers may be in some way or other sensitive, due to internal conditions, to external influences, and that such influences affect every sufferer differently, according to the degree of the internal anomaly or distinctive
quality of the condition that responds to one or more types of external influence.

3:That the symptoms of CH are exactly that-symptoms. These symptoms mimic other manifestations of disease-states, and can ,and have been ,mistaken for other types of disease states.Just as well, do these symptoms suggest that aside of the pain factor, there IS a process occurring, in which the body discharges mucous, or expells waste as it taking place, either through the bowels, or through the sinuses. Such 'symptoms' are, in effect,comparable to similar conditions in the body which take place during other more common disease states, such as colds, flu, allergies,candida, etc., all of which are types of infections.

The bottom line is this:

Whatever CH is, we can all pretty much agree that none of us really know what it is. All we have is
CH itself, and that's more than any doctor has to work with for damned sure. In each and every one of our cases, there is a wealth of relevant, and undeniably valid data regarding this disease- If there is going to be any real research done, it's going to have to begin with all of us. Once again, not the tiniest bit of information is worthless; all perspectives, and all experiences are valid, no matter how whacky they may sound.

As the public ad-hoc committee answered the general when in regards to UFOs he said, "You have no proof"...

That was fun.
Later y'all...

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