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Posted by Donna ( on September 09, 2000 at 09:50:30:

Hi All:

This board gets carried away at times by what seems
to be rivalry, misunderstanding and competition for
one-up-manship. But isn't that human nature? Sure
it is. We are all from diffferent cultures, have
different tolerances, tempers, good natures, soft
spoken, loud, and on and on.

A few posts below, V.D. asked what O.U.C.H. is for.

O.U.C.H. will be what we make of it. What do you
want it to be?

I can see, in it's infancy, struggling to build up
a significant membership, building a doctors referral
system, being a source of various types of information,
developing a buddy system (or an SOS program) for those
in a desperate situation.

Later on, my day dreams see us being divided into chapters
by region, then district chapters. Support systems for
families and children, meetings of local chapters, activities
for adults and children, local chapter newsletters, district
managers, regional managers, a national headquarters,
international managers, district, regional, national and
international yearly meetings, the yearly convention
with an Inaugural Dinner, an Awards Dinner, etc.,
health insurance plan, life insurance, workshops and
seminars for support leaders - just so much is possible-
but most important, the money to support research.

O.U.C.H. was incorporated in January of 2000. I just read
that we have approximately 105 members. This strikes me
as being very sad.

I can see people coming to the board for help, and we will
always be there for these people. What I simply cannot
understand is how people can keep coming back day to day,
giving and seeking advice, joking and arguing, making
friends and rivals and have the AUDACITY to question the
purpose of O.U.C.H.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I hope everyone who
comes here benefits from our message board and the info
posted in the left margin. But if you want to question
the organization, mouth off with criticism or opinions,

In my opinion, if you haven't paid your dues, you don't
have a voice.

Now, I ask again, what is it you want from O.U.C.H.?

I want to see a cure for clusterheadaches, and it won't
happen with 105 members. And People, it only costs .048 cents
per week!

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