Danger-(not sure if there is any danger though)

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Posted by August ( on September 12, 2000 at 09:46:59:

In Reply to: Danger posted by Miguel on September 12, 2000 at 09:12:02:

While it's true our emotions are not played out through extracorporeal sources, it is true they play out through extraterestrial sources. Our emotions are actually the experiment of aliens, that have planted these seeds of sadistic intent into our minds(not brains) at a very very young age. We go about our lives, going through our routines, and something triggers these intents. We then start to breathe heavily, our heart starts to pound rapidly. Chemicals start coursing through our brains, and we are ATTACKED!! with a cluster headache. The euphoria that follows we crave. Our brain craves it, so we duplicate this pattern, completely sub-consciously of course. We just can't get enough of that euphoric feeling. Now the trick is, the more you crave it, the more chronic you are. If you crave it only during the fall, well then you are a seperate experiment. You are the experiment that relys on the conditions of fall and Spring to kick in those deep seeded intents. I don't know what it is about fall and spring that kicks it in. It must be something in the air that makes us more aggressive, more sadistic to ourselves. When we suck on that 02, it calms us down into a state of euphoric balance, we become less emotional, our heart rate slows down, we are seduced into a state of peace and tranquility, allowing the euphoria craving to dissipate.

Miguel, I do know that our emotions are played out physiologically. I lived through a semester of taking bio-psych in college. Although my brain is fried at the moment from no sleep, I could trace the exact pathway and which part of the brain our emotions affect. I am talking about ROOT cause. I am talking about the starting point that gets the ball rolling. With cluster headaches, it is not psychological in nature.

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