Sansert for 10 years...

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Posted by Foz ( on September 15, 2000 at 13:49:47:

In Reply to: Questions about Sansert..... posted by Scott on September 13, 2000 at 00:29:40:

Sansert was the first med that my neurologist prescribed for my CH (1989). I took it only upon onset of a new cycle (1-3 cycles per year). I never experienced any side effects (the doc always watched the dosage and tried to keep it at a minimum, yet effective level). One problem was that it took a week or two (sometimes three or four!) for the med to build up in my system and kill the cycle. Another was that he didn't give me any meds to abort a singular CH attack.

In 1999 I had a episode cycle that did not respond to Sansert even after increasing dosage for 6 weeks. Finally the doc switched me to verapamil and that cycle was gone in a few days. (Although, I also think that cycle was a bitch because at the same appointment where the doc switched me to the verapamil, we realized that I had not been drinking any (or very little) caffeine. I started drinking more iced tea and soda and I think that helped break that cycle) For the last two episode cycles, I have also taken verapamil. The biggest reason that I have kept up with the verapamil instead of returning to Sansert is because I decided to try Maxalt to abort a CH... And you SHOULD NOT take Maxalt or any drug in the "triptan" 5-HT receptor agonist class [sumatriptan (IMITREX), naratriptan (AMERGE), zolmitriptan (ZOMIG)] with Sansert. The verapamil works great for me to kill the cycle. And until it finally breaks the cycle, I take the Maxalt whenever I feel a shadow coming on. It was the first time that I felt like I had some kind of control over the individual attacks. I only had one or two attacks go over a KIP-7/8 with most aborted at between KIP-1 thru 6. It also helped to know (or at least believe) that the pain (whatever KIP level it got to) would be last no longer than 45 min.

I guess the main thing you should get from my rambling is that you need to work with your doctor (hopefully a compasionate neurologist) to find what drug, or combination, works best for you. I had luck with both Sansert and Verapamil (and I can't say that I had any substantial side effects with either). You can find plently of posts here with people who had luck with these, but also some who didn't. You may or may not react like others to certain meds. Keep trying and just as importantly, keep learning.

I also think that a confidence in my doc, and in the meds that he prescibed, really helped me. It helped my frame of mind to get rid of that "fear factor" of this damn beast.

Hope this helps.

"Knowledge is the best weapon..."

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