migraines or ch?

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Posted by Mariah ( on September 20, 2000 at 23:22:22:

You know it's strange, we have researched migraines and cluster headaches, and it's almost like he has both.Sometimes he can't be still, other times he can't move.Usually, he says it's like an ice pick thru his right eye and the right side of his face goes numb.He also has vision distortion and nausea.Someone told me that CH has a pattern, you can set your watch to it.We can not find any pattern at all.Sometimes coming on strong and fast, other times it builds up for days.His Nuerologists says it's classic migraine, but I'm not sure. He's taking Dihydrergotamine nasal spray,antidepressants,triptans,a beta blockers (Propranolol),O2,an anti seizure med,a high blood pressure med (he doesn't have seizures or high blood pressure),magnesium supplement,compazine,phenegren, and can't forget good ole Demerol.He's had 2 ct scans; both normal.When I got home from work today he was @ the hospital (2nd time in 3 days).I was hoping they would admit him to run more tests, but it was just intravenous narcartics and then sent home.My husband and I are afraid he could get addicted to Demerol, but it is the only thing that will take the edge off so he can sleep.It started 4 yrs. ago when he joined the Army.Now he's out of the service and it seems to get worse every month.Is it possible to have migraines and cluster headaches?

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