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Posted by Chet ( on October 03, 2000 at 10:41:19:

In Reply to: Yes, posted by annemarie on October 03, 2000 at 09:00:48:

There are several problems that i guess are keeping
people from embracing the 'cure'..Its against the law,
which slows the search for anyone with the 'med'
we need. Second, some of us couldn't grow crabgrass
and makes the decision to buy spores problamatic.

I have asked old friends if they know of anyone who
may have the 'med', with no luck. After that where
do you go?? I guess if there was no chance of getting the wrong
plant we would all be out looking in the dung.

Timing may be a problem also, if your not in a cycle
then not enough pain to get you out digging. I fit almost every
catagory. Can't grow anything, worried about the legal
ramifications, and in remission. I know this doesn't answer
any questions but may be the reason the move to
get the 'schroons' is not as active as you would expect
with the sucess stories that have been posted.

If I felt I could pick them with confidence, or grow them
with out fear I'd be 'cured' yesterday. Instead I can
only thank Flash and others for their work with a
treatment that shows more promise than anything to
date. Keep up the good work and I try and get the
cojones to go out and find some. I'm sure the next
cycle will help with motivation.

One last thought, I have always felt that a real
driver in this malady is individual pain threshold.
Reading the posts only reinforces to me that some
can handle the pain better than others. That
again gives us a group that may not be as eager to
go for the mushroons with all the roadblocks mentioned
above. But catch one of those folks after several
nights without real sleep and their attention will
be more focused on a cure.....Since they are illegal
we may need a sponcer to bring the treatment
to the public form and help us with avalibility (pot
and glacoma etc)..Until something changes the rush
for this treatment may remain capped. Give us Liberty!!

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