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Posted by stavi ( on October 03, 2000 at 13:33:45:

In Reply to: Identification AND A VERY LONG RANT (where do we go from here?) posted by Flash on October 03, 2000 at 04:23:20:

I've been gone for a while - computers at work acting up, raging wildfire burning way too close to my house, and some vacation time - and what a post to come back to! I spent the morning reading what Q and Graham have been up to and first, let me give congrats to their somewhat successful endeavors. I hope the good results continue. Also, Flash, my condolences to you - losing a furry friend is a very difficult thing - big hugs to you, I feel your pain.
Now to the 'shroom debate. Flash, Pinky, it is your postings that inspired me to try this therapy, and your continued stand on the issue that I admire. I don't necessarily have anything to add that hasn't been said before, all I can do is post my experiences and hope that someone finds benefit in something I say. I agree with everything Flash has said in the post above. I *do* understand why people may be 'scared' to try it, but I was too and I realized it could be my only answer as prescription meds caused a lot trouble for me.
However, this is something that needs to be looked at - not overlooked, criticized, made fun of, shot down - you get my point. And if I can do anything to help get the word out that there is a successful treatment here - I'll do it!
Hmmm, I guess my point in all of this rambling is that Flash and Pinky, if you have insinuated that you are leaving this board, I beg you not to. Strength in numbers, right? Plus, if it weren't for you, Q, Graham and I could have been sitting somewhere banging our heads this very moment.
Oh, guess I should give an update while I'm here. A very curious thing happened Thursday and Friday nights, both around 7pm. On Thursday I had a shadow, maybe a 2 or 3 Kip and on Friday something around a 6. However, they were kind of stabs that would last for about 15 seconds then go away for 10 minutes, then another 15 seconds the 10 minutes without, 15 more seconds - and that was it. Very odd. Both happened right after I ate dinner and the only connection I could make was that both meals used a lot of butter, a previous trigger! Nothing since however. Go figure! Otherwise, all is well.
Flash, thanks for your rant. I too have a hard time understanding why people wouldn't want to even just think about trying it. Pinky raises some wonderful points about identifying the shrooms to avoid a dangerous mushroom. From reading all of the 'shroom posts here, then doing some research on my own, I was armed with enough information to feel comfortable and safe in my decision to give it a try. Information is power - it's worth a look!


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