Identification AND A VERY LONG RANT (where do we go from here?)

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Posted by Flash ( on October 03, 2000 at 04:23:20:

In Reply to: More on the psi-tx (shroom treatment)... posted by Q on October 03, 2000 at 01:30:21:

I agree completely with Q's assesment. It takes a lot of practice to tell mushrooms apart. When I started I could only identify about 4 basic shapes!!! I believe were are talking about something with some pretty basic DNA, and to be frank their options for individuality are pretty limited. I eat regular edible mushrooms all the time, but if you laid one of those down on my kitchen table next to a death cap (it shares the same basic shape) and offered me 1000000 to pick out the edible shroom and ingest it, I'd be less than confident. Especially if they were babies, cos they're harder to tell apart when they're little.

In the UK we are quite lucky, because although there are many shrooms that can easily be mistaken for Liberty Cap, none of them will kill you... So long as you have the basic dimensions correct.

By far the safest option is to by those perfectly legal spores and grow your own.

My next question is where do we go from here? Of all the treatments I've seen posted on this board over the years, I'm sure this is the only one worth the paper it's blotted on. I personally have an empathy failure with people who say "wow the shrooms work, now if we could just find something else that A) is legal, B) we like the taste of, C) the doctor will prescribe, and D) is inexpensive then we're laughing.

W A K E U P ! This is the only treatment out there that has a sucess rate full stop. Millions of pounds have been spent on this my drug companies, and the best they can come up with is verapmill, imitrex and (oh my god) sansert. The fact that the good lord has already provided a treatment for us, sometimes even growing in our own back gardens should not be overlooked. I hate to say it, but sometimes I do wonder whether people actually want to be treated. Fussy eaters are one thing, but fussy patients need to realise that their choices are limited.

No I'm not suggesting that everybody goes out and picks shrooms, or scores LSD. However I am absolutely appalled by the lack of interest, and the apathetic attitudes of sufferers in general.

I first made people aware of this back in January 1998. That's coming on for 3 years ago. Since then it's treated about a dozen episodics (many of who so sucessfully that they stopped coming to the board shortly afterwards), put 1 chronic into total remission, and had an extremely positive effect on 2 more chronics, more than comparable with anything that modern science ever did to help them. And all this out of a cow shit!

What more do you want??? Why are people still discussing the merits of hyperventilation, headbanging, sticking the head out of the sunroof at 90mph, sleeping in the freezer, eating dirt, changing the lightbulbs. I honestly feel like the only sane person in the nut house (present company excepted).

Sorry about the tone of this but my dog died from a brain tumour last night.

The fact is that in 3 years we have barely managed to scrape the surface. 99.999% of sufferers would still rather find another treatment. They don't like this one. Well you what - if it hurt them as much as it hurt me they'd honestly eat their own shit if it would make the pain go away. So maybe it isn't that sore after all. Personally I cannot afford to be fussy about what works and what doesn't.

So where do we go from here?

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