Shroom treatment

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Posted by August ( on October 05, 2000 at 11:53:57:

I'm half awake here, so I hope i can give these results in a coherent meaningful manner.

Yesterday I completed the shroom treatment. Thanks to Pinky and his dosage he e-mailed to me I weighed out an ounce of the little buggers, and dipped them in hotfudge. Yum! not hardly. They taste the like the crap they grow on.

I didn't get any visual hallucinations like the toilet paper breathing, or the patterns in the rug moving on me. I did get a nice mellow buzz going that was not unpleasant at all. Having said that, and that not being the point of this, I'll continue on with the results so far.

I've had migraines since 5 yrs. old. My clusters started at age 18. I've been chronic since 25, and I'm now an immature 31 and half old female, height 5'3, weight 108, caucasion, crazy irish person. (that's for the literal minded who want to know this for dosage) Right now I can't remember the last pain free day i've had. So i'm hoping beyond hope this treatment is going to give me that. I usually get between 5-7 clusters a day/night(24hr.period) ranging between kips 7-10's lasting about 2 hours most times. I have pretty much constant shadows and on a good night about three to four hours of interupted sleep. This needs to be noted to put into context the improvement i've seen already.

After eating the shrooms about an hour and some minutes later i was hit with a kip 7. It lasted about 45 min. I dont' think the shrooms had time to help yet, but still that is shorter than my usual ones. The next improvement is that when i fell asleep I got to sleep for 6 hours. Whoo hoo!! I woke up with a cluster that i aborted with 02 after about 25 min. I went back to sleep and slept another 5 hours. I woke up with another cluster that lasted about 45 min also. It's been 17 hours since i've eaten the shrooms and only three hits so far. That is already an improvement. I've had 11 hours of sleep. I plan to go back to sleep as soon as I finish this post. I have a fever and good cold starting on me, so this sleep couldn't have come at a better time.

The only negative part of this treatment has been the taste and some stomach cramps from eating them. The abdominal pain could be from the hotfudge on top of the shrooms, and i am also allergic to mushrooms.

All in all i'm pleased with the results so far, and hope to see further improvements. I think if any of you can get your hands on the little buggers, GO FOR IT!! You can order the spores from fanaticus's web site. The spores are legal to purchase. You can grow them yourself. Of course this has all been said already, but i enjoy being redundant.

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