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Posted by Flash ( on October 06, 2000 at 04:24:39:

In Reply to: Shroom treatment posted by August on October 05, 2000 at 11:53:57:

Hi August,

That was a brave thing to do! Welcome to the club.

We really don't know much about this treatment yet. It ceratinly has a dramatic effect on the headaches, more so than any other treatment out there. Some people go straight into remission, others take longer. We have no idea of exactly what dose it takes to break the cycle. We don't know if it takes more shrooms for a severe chronic like yourself. We don't know if the shrooms work better on some people than they do on others. All this feedback is starting to paint a picture, although I must admit it's more complicated than I thought!

I am episodic. During an episode my headaches follow a similar pattern to yours, although they have a shorter duration, typically 30-45mins. I don't tend to get many less than kip6 and I get anything between 6 and 12 a day. The shroom treatment has been extremely effective for me. However it's been 4 years since I last took a full strength dose. The last time I took shrooms was 3 months ago. Those were almost a year old, and had lost their edge.

I am having some sort of episode right now. It's a strange one. This time of year is fairly common for my attacks, and I have been under monumental stress (I have my own business and emply over 30 people), I haven't been keeping regular bedtimes, and earlier this week my dog died. It's no surprise that my heads getting in on the act. This episode certainly isn't full blown CH. I have been getting between 0 and 2 HAs a day. The pain has never gone over kip 4. The headaches have never lasted over 30mins. I have continued to drink alchohol (it has probably induced a couple to tell the truth). All in all I am getting off lightly.

I almost hope that things get worse, or at least consistent, just so that I can have another go at blowing it off with some shrooms. I have some fresh ones now. At the moment the HAs feel liable to quit at any time, so I wouldn't be able to attribute it directly to a dose of shrooms. I'm certain that things would be far worse if I hadn't ingested shrooms earlier in the year!

My suggestion to you is to give it a couple of weeks and see if the HAs continue to abate. If Q and Graham are anything to go by, then it is likely that you will progress closer to remission. If the progress is slow, then it might be worth looking at a larger dose then.

Good luck, and please keep us informed. Email me direct if you want any help. I missed the post that you submitted asking for assitance because I was snowed at work.


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