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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on October 12, 2000 at 22:52:25:

In Reply to: New shroom data posted by Flash on October 12, 2000 at 13:04:02:

Interesting data, Flash.

You know already that I believe the reason the psilocybin stops a cycle dead in its tracks is that it "resets" the serotonin-regulating mechanism of the brain to its normal, "non-CH" mode of operation. The mechanism (controlled by the hypothalamus) stays in its normal, non-CH mode for a while, but eventually gets out of adjustment again and the beast returns.

This explains why a dose taken IN CYCLE will abort a cycle, but why would a preventative dose taken out of cycle work? Consider this:

Your own experiences have shown that the effects of psilocybin, though long-lasting, are not permanent. As expected, they fade over time.

It stands to reason that if a dose of mushrooms were taken JUST BEFORE the hypothalamus was due to go out of whack, a cycle may be prevented from starting at all, becuase the hypothalamus has just been freshly "reset". It also stands to reason that the greater the period of time between the preventative dose and the "due date of disruption", the less effective this preventative effect will be.

In other words, if we take a dose a week before due date -- no cycle. If we take a dose three months before due date -- mild shadows. If we take a dose eight months before due date -- breakthrough headaches. It also stands to reason that if the preventative dose is too weak, we would see the same pattern, but perhaps with different time scales.

If I may quote you... "The weird thing is that this confirms that even with shrooms the cycle still takes place AND runs it's natural course, whether or not I experience any pain."

I don't believe this conclusion is necessarily valid. I believe that your preventative dose was either taken too far in advance of your "due date" or was too weak to "reset" your hypothalamus completely or for very long: probably both. BUT, even so, that premature, weak dose was enough to prevent your hypothalamus from going COMPLETELY haywire. It's as if the hypothalamus WANTS to slide into its CH-producing mode but is inhibited from doing so by the fact that it has recently been "reset", albeit imperfectly.

For me to accept that the cluster cycle is still occurring and running its natural course, even though you don't notice it, I would have to believe that the effect of the psilocybin is to "mask" the symptoms, rather than correcting the faulty mechanism that causes the symptoms in the first place. This doesn't jibe with the accounts presented here by others, and (for that matter) yourself. It also doesn't jibe with the molecular evidence, nor with accounts of other neurological disorders that are helped by the use of hallucinogens... i.e. schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, etc.

My bet is that when you take a sizable dose this weekend, you will end this cycle.

I admire your courage in taking such a borderline dose this time in the interests of science, but I'm with Den on this one. If it had been me, I would have rescheduled all my appointments, put on a Pink Floyd CD and downed a respectable dose.


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