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Posted by Flash ( on October 12, 2000 at 13:04:02:

I have been experimenting with shrooms to treat CH since October 1995, when I first made the connection between the recreational drug taking of my youth, with a 2 year PF gap.

Sine that first deliberate treatment of 50 Liberty Caps in October 1995, I have worked at lowring the both the dose and the frequency of treatment each time. I have also waited for my cycle to begin prior to using the treatment.

This year I took a preventative dose of 9/10 month old preserved shrooms. They were not preserved very well because I didn't put enough shrooms in each jar, therefore they had lost a lot of potency to the honey. The preventative dose was taken late July/early August. I used only 10 Liberty Cap.

I have noticed in previously years that even when a preventative dose is taken, I sometimes experience shadows around the time my cycle was due to start. This year was no exception, and for the last 3 weeks I have been experiencing shadows and even some infrequent minor headaches. I believe this is due to the preventative dose being to low. I think I hit the borderline does with 12 Liberty Cap the year before, and a even at 15 shrooms two years ago i still experienced some shadowing. I think that a dose of at least 18 shrooms is required to guarantee sucess.

The last 3 days have been sheer fuckin hell. My cycle has reached the point where it would normally peak, and has acutally broken through. The first thing I've learned is that when it breaks through, it really breaks through all the way. Similar to what happens with analgesic drugs - they're working, they're working, shit... Anyhow on the second day of intense pain I decided to take some more shrooms. I had to option of taking a whopping big dose and anihilating the cycle, but decided instead to attempt an really minor does - 7 shrooms. This had the effect of bringing the pain down from Kip 7+ to kip 1-2 for the next 21 hours.

From previous experience with aborting cycles I know that if the shroom dose in insufficient I will keep shadowing for another 48 hours, before complete relief kicks in. This was slightly worse than just shadowing, and I felt there was a chance of the pain breaking through again. It did, all of yesterday. And it was the worst day I've had since I negelected to procure shrooms 2.5 years ago.

I couldn't risk another shroom dose, because shrooms are counter addictive and only work if you take them at least 5 days apart. So I will have to wait until Sunday now. However today the pain is below kip 1 again. The peak would appear to be over, on shedule, and it looks like the rest of the cycle has slipped back below the surface.

The wierd thing is that this confirms that even with shrooms the cycle still takes place AND runs it's natural course, whether or not I experience any pain. It also would appear that if insufficient shrooms are taken the peak of the cycle breaks through. Just the peak though...

What we need to determine now is the effective dose to instantly abort the cycle of a long term chronic.

The main point of this message was to highlight the fact that my cycle happens and progresses regardless of whether I am experiencing the headaches. I don't know what this means, but i'm sure it is valuable data.

I think the next big breakthrough will come when pinky gains access to some shrooms. Pinky may have turned chronic. He has previous experience of shrooms, and the balls to attempt a higher initial dose. I think it will be valuable for a chronic sufferer to start with a high dose, and work back down in the same way that I did.



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