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Posted by Flash ( on October 13, 2000 at 05:07:48:

In Reply to: Where'd ya get that name...flush? posted by Dennis O'C on October 12, 2000 at 18:03:15:

To answer your questions:

1) Yes I took a small dose mainly in the interests of science, but also because I had a meeting scheduled in the afternoon. I knew that a small dose of shrooms wouldn't prevent me from attending the meeting. I could have cancelled, but decided to go with this approach because there had been some speculation about whether 1 big dose was better than several smaller ones. What I discovered was that the small dose did relieve the pain for the rest of the day, but did not abort the cycle instantly. As it turns out the other guy cancelled the meeting. Fuckin great isn't it!

2) I took LSD recreationally in 1993 and 1994. I skipped cycles both those years, although I did get some shadows when the cycles were due. I stopped recreational drug use in 1995, and a cycle came in the spring. I started a new job (that ultimately became my business) in Ocotober 1995, and I knew that a cycle was imminent. I was desperate to avoid this, becuase they have a tendancy to ruin your career. I wanted to know why I didn't get hit in 1993/1994. The only thing I remembered doing different was taking acid a couple of times. I had access to the Internet then, and did some research, where I learnt about Hoffmann and how he was researching the use of LSD as a migraine treatment. I learnt that LSD was an Ergot alkaloid, in common with other CH treatments.

I couldn't take LSD because I am subject to drug testing at that time by my employer (who later became one of my clients, and they are still liable to test me). LSD is hard to detect, and only shows up under GC/MS testing, but if I failed the EMIT test (EMIT is only 60% reliable) due to bad luck, they would run a GC/MS.

I looked for other substances that were similar to LSD, but too obscure for them to test for. That's when I turned to shrooms. So I took a preventative dose of shrooms just prior to my cycle starting in October 1995.

This was repeated twice in 1996, in spring time, and also in December. I started out using the full on recreational dose (it scared me a little, I was past that sort of thing), and by December 1996 had it down to half that quantity, which was better. I hadn't had any headaches, so I decided to wait and see if they came back. I didn't get any until December 1997, right at the end of the year. Unfortunately I had become blase` about it and omitted to procure any shrooms. Normally I would have been able to source some LSD in an emergency, but this was Christmas/New Year time, and it was scarce, and I was too ill to go hunting for it. So I was forced to endure the entire cycle.

Since then I have always made a point of procuring shrooms in plenty of time. The shrooms I used earlier this year were picked in October 1999. After I took them, I realised that they had lost some of their potency, after 9 or 10 months in the honey jar. I should have really eaten all the honey as well! I got some new shrooms in September this year, and I used 7 of those on Tuesday.

3) Shrooms and LSD are both counter addictive. One of the properties related to this is that they have a significantly reduced effect if you take them within 5 days of the last trip. I'm not sure whether this also applies to their theraputic properties, I had lost my appetite for scientific experiments by this time, so someone else can discover that little secret.

4) I probably agree with pinky's post above regarding the last point. I guess that if the dose is insufficient, or taken too far in advance, then parts of the cycle 'shine' through. Lovely.

Hope that clears it up for you.


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