Where'd ya get that name...flush?

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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on October 12, 2000 at 18:03:15:

In Reply to: New shroom data posted by Flash on October 12, 2000 at 13:04:02:

You said (it's cut and paste time...gee it's true...everything I need to know ,I did learn in kindergarten) but I digress...

-You said " I had to option of taking a whopping big dose and anihilating the cycle, but decided instead to attempt an really minor does - 7 shrooms." Why in the world would anyone opt to not anihilate a cycle? If it was for "knowledge sake",that you were tempting the beast ,then I salute you! ...cause you always share yer knowledge with us. Thanks.

-You said "I negelected to procure shrooms 2.5 years ago." Yer shrooms are that old?

-You said "because shrooms are counter addictive and only work if you take them at least 5 days apart." ....Huh? Counter what? Whatta ya mean?...and...by "work" you mean in general or on CH or what?

-You said "the cycle still takes place AND runs it's natural course, whether or not I experience any pain." I am reminded of the month I spent helping my brother get his Dental Doctorate. Due to neglect...My mouth need every procedure that he clinically needed to get his degree....anyway....I spend day after day "in the chair" at maximum levels of nitrous. I got a chance to study it's effects...in depth. I'll always remember the revalation that occurred during one grueling procedure. He asked "does that hurt? or do you feel that? It was pain without the OUCH! ...and without the OUCH!...it was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. PAIN WITHOUT THE OUCH. I wish I could explain that... but I can't...so I write it off as one of those mental-physical-spiritual pair a ducks.

-You said "What we need to determine now is the effective dose to instantly abort the cycle of a long term chronic." You said a mouthful there Edison.

Thanks for yer work.
Walkin the sunshine

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