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Posted by Flash ( on October 16, 2000 at 07:24:10:

Yesterday someone posted that the hypothalmus is responsible for controlling many of the bodies functions. For instance it's the hypothalmus that decides when we are hungry, and secretes the hormone that makes us feel hungry.

My cycle is winding down now, so I have started a little experiment. Every time I feel an attack coming on, I perform the bodily function most needed. For instance I eat something, drink something, go to bed, get up, take a leak, whatever...

So far I have aborted every single attack in the last 24 hours. True my cycle is winding down, but even so this is interesting. Perhaps the hypothalmus is really saying "Your hungry!" but instead the wrong hormone gets secreted - probably excess Serotonin - and instead of feeling hungry we get an attack.

Many CH sufferers have noticed a correlation between getting enough sleep and the frequency of attacks. Other have also noted the importance of getting up in the morning, and not oversleeping... even if an attack is getting underway.

In the past I have noticed that skipping a meal can cause an attack.

Thinking about it, during my cycle, I feel less inclined to eat and sleep, than I do the rest of the time. Almost as if the signals are being supressed. Therefore it's no surprise that if I take whatever action may be lacking, at the onset of an attack, it fades away...

I now intend to eat something, or drink something hot, like tea, at least once every 3 hours, during the day. I will also force myself to get up in the morning (like I did today despite the onset of a headache, that mysteriously failed to materialise), and go for regular dumps.

Anyone else want to try this, and post their results too?

One other point of interest. CH seems to be a bit of a viscous cycle. The more headaches you get, the sorer and more frequent they get. Perhaps avoiding headches is a good way to calm down that tender temple, and ultimately end the cycle. I've noticed in the past that my cycles terminate once I wise up, and start behaving myself.


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