Does anyone else get graphic dreams? (graphic content in post, not suited for cluster children or those easily offended)

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Posted by August ( on November 15, 2000 at 22:51:34:

I'm getting to the point that sleeping is too horrifying to attempt. Once i'm asleep, i'm back up in pain. The worst is the nightmares that manifest from the sensory stimulus of the pain that is waking me up.

Does anyone else out there get nightmares from cluster pain that wakes them up? I was dreaming something that was normal(don't ask me to qualify normal) and then the dream shifted to being attacked by someone or something from above me. They took a machette and sliced it through my head. My eye popped out and i could feel every sensation of the nerves ripping. The person that was attacking me i wasn't able to see. They were like a dark image. It picked up my eye and held it in it's fist. It started to squeeze my eye as hard as it could. Then it started to peel off layers of nerve and skin. Every sensation was excruciating. It went on for what seemed like hours. I was screaming at it to stop. It was intent on it's torture. After it couldn't do anymore to my eye, it dropped it on the ground and stepped on it then took out a gun and proceeded to shoot it. I could feel every sensation as if it were real and happening. After it shot through my eye i woke up in pain. I'm sorry for the graphic nature of this post. I'm shaking still thinking of it. Is this normal to dream so graphically? It's happening so much to me anymore. I'm too afraid to sleep for two reasons. One is it starts the next attack, and the other is the dreams that come with it.

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