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Posted by GUGI ( on November 28, 2000 at 17:08:36:

I must apologize for my brief rant earlier. It's been one of those days. I like my doctor. I like him a lot. He's just a GP, but he's fairly well read, he's open to all new information and suggestions I bring him - and his wife is a migraine sufferer so he's got a personal foot in the door. He's referred me to specialists, but you know what? I always go back to him because after attaining new information, I understand that he can do just as much for me as any other doctor, no matter their speciality. Anyway....

I was wondering if anyone else out there had had a doctor make the tie between their headaches and any other conditions? Mine has. It's thin, but there's some evidence there of a common link.

When I was.. hrmm.. 19? a doctor told me the pain I was feeling 6 weeks after my first child was born, was arthritis (pelvic bone and later in my hip joints). For years I was told and accepted it to be "arthritis". I was tested and thankful that it wasn't rheumatoid arthritis - even if I felt like it was going to cripple me up, it wouldn't.

Recently my doctor introduced me to the term "fibromyalgia" -- the 'arthritis' theory has gone out the window. Finally a diagnosis that makes sense -- even if there is no known cure or cause. But here's the deal... what my doctor brought up to me was that fibromyalgia appears to be *very common* in people who are already labeled 'chronic pain sufferers' - people with clusters, migraines, etc. Maybe there's no relation at all between it and other forms of chronic pain... but I wondered if anyone else here was in the same boat?

I found another site today on fibromyalgia. (the perpetual search for relief?) .. and the first thing that struck me was the picture/image they have on the page. I looked at the little starred points on the human body diagram... and for a moment I wondered, "Is it possible that they are related? Maybe even one in the same?" Fibromyalgia has very varied symptoms and degrees of intensity and frequency in pain. Maybe I'm just grabbing at straws.. but maybe not. Two of the hot spots with fibromyalgia, even on a sketchy diagram, are indicative of headache pain points though... a shot in the dark?


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