Matter of perspective, August

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Posted by Todd ( on December 19, 2000 at 19:11:45:

In Reply to: Can't take anymore posted by August on December 19, 2000 at 18:41:58:

"How many times can you say your sorry before the people you love don't hear it anymore?"


People who love you don't expect you to say "sorry" for something that is beyond your control.

As soon as you "get over yourself" :-) think about what lessons you and your family are teaching your niece and nephew.

Here's my take - your niece is incredibly self-centered for one so young. Your nephew is an insufferable ass, focused solely on his own enjoyment to the exclusion of everyone else.

Damn! That pissed you off, didn't it? Okay, I didn't mean it (I can't possibly comment on your niece and nephew since I've never met them). Just wanted to get your attention.

Your niece is disappointed over what happened at her play. Know what? She'll forget it in a day or two. Children are more resilient than Silly Putty. Adults are the one's who seem to enjoy collecting baggage.

Your nephew wants one Christmas without talk about headaches. He's either a *$*)*#^% and a O()*#@$^&%$, or he's pretty cool.

Don't you want the same? Not just no talk, no attack. C'mon, admit do, right? :-) There ya go, I knew you did. (Good thing you admitted it, else I've have had to tickle you into submission.)

With chronic CH, it's very easy to slip into self-pity. Even we episodics have missed our share of school and church plays, chorale performances, science fairs, spelling bees, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, every days, etc, etc, etc.

CH doesn't define who we are. The way we handle CH does.

One final question - you've spent days, weeks, months, whatevers helping your niece learn her lines for the play. Why is it that doesn't count for anything?

Focus on the positive, lest the negative win.

Or, as we common folk say,

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