I think you pointed out some good things Flash...

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Posted by August ( on January 17, 2001 at 05:24:38:

In Reply to: Hi Derek posted by Flash on January 17, 2001 at 04:45:09:

The tone of our words don't always convey what we are feeling or trying to get across. If we were in a room all together and drinking coffee, we might be able to say the same things we are here now, and nobody take it as flaming or dumping on each other. What I mean by that is, if Derek would have been in the same room with Ken, he might not have taken it the way he did and become so offended and defensive.

I do forget often, what it was like to come here and read the posts not k nowing anyone. I remember when I first came I didn't understand the Drummer and the Jack bashing each other thing. After a bit I got it, they enjoyed bashing each other. The Hub put downs I found interesting, and soon came to understand later too.

I know that people didn't understand my style when i first got here, and i think some still don't. What to me is just a good debate, can be seen as flaming. Once I got an e-mail from a new guy who i've never seen here since.(hope it's not because of me) that told me that I must think I"m some sort of tough guy, a real bad ass. It's kind of funny, but maybe I shouldn't find it funny. For one, i'm not a guy. New people most likely don't know that. If you ever heard my voice you'd never take me seriously again. Think of Minnie Mouse trying to cuss someone out, or give a lecture to someone. Nope, doesn't quite work. Through all of this Derek discussion, i wasn't pissed off once. I have a good Irish temper, and I don't hold back when i'm pissed. To me this is all a discussion.

This topic I got into because it's something I feel strongly about. However it is still the person's own perogative if they want to leave during their pain free time. I think it should be pointed out how that can come off to us, or make us feel, the ones left behind.

"When in doubt, chill out," how's that for some advice when posting? or a motto? Sort of like a Johnny Cochran saying.

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