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Posted by August ( on January 22, 2001 at 15:31:51:

In Reply to: Ueli, and at the same time... posted by Luke on January 22, 2001 at 12:02:44:

You said that it was not impossible? Then what the heck was this that you wrote in your post above?

"I definitely believe he suffers from your description, but I don't believe the cause is CH. "

Become a parent of a little person who is suffering, and watch them while you can do nothing. Then and maybe then you might know what the fuck your talking about.

I wonder how it must feel for Shelly to come here looking for information for her two year old son after being diagnosed, and then read a post like yours. I bet she feels right at home about now. I bet she feels real welcomed.

I'm sick of this shit from people that think because they see something that doesn't fit into their own realm of experience it makes it un-believable, and therefore not real. There are many things in life that are un-believable. Your very life is un-believeable if you want to look into the statistics of an actual sperm connecting with a fertile egg.

I'm proof of something un-believable. I'm a twin with cluster-headaches, and a brain tumor. Oh, but wait, I almost forgot, I'm a woman with cluster-headaches. That's another far-reaching statistics. What would be the odds of me having migraines too? Hmmmm... I think i've hit the jack-pot. I just feel so special and lucky too for it. Try as I may, I have never won the lottery...yet. Fire away dis-believers (not that you haven't quietly been doing it since i've been here) Whether people believe or not, it doesn't disturb my sleep any, because I rarely ever sleep anyway.

Cluster headaches do disturb my sleep greatly. They also disturb my life more than anything else does, which is why I'm still here. To find hope, and to offer it.

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