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Posted by Jackie L ( on February 05, 2001 at 19:45:47:

In Reply to: ER pain drugs posted by Frank on February 05, 2001 at 18:10:39:

She and I both have notes from the doctor for shots at the last resort...They had given her iv meds..non narcotic and then blew all but one vein in the process and sent her home still in pain...and then was told that if she came back they would do the admitting..and not give her any medicine...hahahaetc...

I have had the same problem...doesn't matter if you are their every night or in my case I had went 5-6 years since the last visit and got the run around about you shouldn't come in so often!!!...but they shut up when I told them my last er visit was years before!!!!..hahaha meds..

The hospital also went to a non narcotic policy for headaches of any kind..which doesn't bother me..I would lick shit if it helped..haha But they still won't give you the narcotic meds much less anything non narcotic even with a doctors note saying it is ok to give whatever type of medicine is necessary to get any type of relief... Like I said I don't go in expecting a narcotic..I couldn't careless what it is...I just want to have relief...

So if anyone comes to Bismarck...don't go to the ER here and expect any help because their isn't any..

What really is stupid the doctor wants you to go to the clinic to avoid the problems with getting any medicine at the ER...but they are only in the office from 9 am to 5pm and then they have after hours clinic and doctors their from 6 pm to 9 pm ... Well you are ok..if you need to go between the 9 am and 5pm...if you go at 6-9pm then you play russian roulette and take a chance but if you are later than 9pm and need help you should go to the ER...Following so far..haha BUT when you call at any of these times they can't get you in..and then if you do go to the clinic 1 time and 2 months later go to the ER because the clinic is closed then you are a drug seeker or hiding something...HAHAHAA

I have decided that you can't win no matter which way you go...I just go to the ER to make it simpler and avoid the problems..and PRAY REALLY HARD that Dr. Asshole (as I call him)isn't on at that time.. Most of the others are a little more understanding but this guy is a down right idiot.. He picks fights with you and then when you get mad he refuses to give you ANYTHING and you leave and still get billed for it...He gets much pleasure out of egging you on and pissing you off.. I told him if he wants to fight..I will come back when the headache is gone and then I will fight with him...(with pleasure)hahaha God I dislike that Doctor... then again Everybody else does too...even the Nurses...hahaha

Got to go... Sorry this is a long winded one...Jackie L..

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