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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on March 08, 2001 at 22:54:58:

In Reply to: Why all of a sudden? posted by Matt Boyce on March 08, 2001 at 21:09:48:

..."is this yer life now"...I mean.

The degree to which we accept the pain and frequency is's all about pain management.

Given...each person with CH get's hit at different different times...for different reasons.

Given...when it's a Clusterfuck of nightmare.

"is this yer life now?"....Yes and no.

It is.... if you resign yerself to this level of pain management that you have achieved.

Some folks here have found a system...a combination of events, efforts, chemicals that have reduced the levels and intensity of the pain to where they say..."yea...compared to out of control Clusters...I kin live with this" For now "this is their life" and they accept this level of pain management.

NO...this most certainly is "not yer life" if you choose not to accept it. THEN...Ya gotta wear yerself out with research here at this site...ya gotta wear out the docs and pharmacies...ya gotta wear out yer foot leather walkin in all these people's shoes here that offer their brand of "pain management"...ya gotta wear out yer eyeballs wadin through all the bullshit, scamartists, and fluff here...

all the while uppin this dose, changin to a different med, tryin every fuckin thing under the sun here till You get to the point of sayin "yea I got clusters...butt I can live with this."

...It's yer life when YOU say it is.

I'll never understand how someone with true Clusters could ever leave this board. Where they gonna go?

If they have found a managable system fer their pain....shame on them fer not sharin it.

If they have not...and that I really can't fathom! A true CHer will do anything to ease the pain. Admititly....hangin out here sometimes is right up there with breakin sheetrock with yer head.

"is this yer life?"

I raise ya an call ya...yer play


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