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Posted by ChuckC ( on March 09, 2001 at 09:20:09:

In Reply to: Daniel to Rocky posted by Daniel on March 09, 2001 at 03:37:48:

I am compelled to put in my two cents worth. While I am not an old CH.COM veteran, I am a Cluster headache veteran. You, Daniel, said something that sort of struck a nerve, and I owe it to everyone who has helped me to point out a few things. Contrary to what you may think, ALL of us might be interested in something new to CURE clusterheadaches, but more than half of us know a great deal about the physiology of these headaches. When a credible account (coinciding with what many of us know)of this elusive CURE comes along that shows PROMISING results, I'd venture to say that this same percentage of people will be flocking to have this procedure, provided we have the means to have it done.

The last sentence of the previous paragraph says it all; A CREDIBLE account of the cure. Chances are, this testimony will not come from a marketing person making promises they know a majority of the readers can't possibly take the marketeer up on. Secondly, it says "provided we have the means." It's awfully easy to make empty promises from a somewhat remote location (we are talking globally, here) knowing that a majority of the readers probably aren't willing to GAMBLE on a procedure that isn't GUARANTEED to work. There is no Guarantee, is there? I mean, a legally binding Guarantee that the procedure will work? Do you even know what we are going through, Daniel! If we travelled to every destination promising a CURE, every time we heard about one, most of us would be bankrupt. And, I'd also be willing to bet that some of us have done exactly that. How many of us have taken the bait every time some flim-flam Doctor has come along willing to solve our problems? The only problem they consistently solve is our problem of having too much money. They take it and vanish, just as quickly as they appeared with the latest and greatest revolutionary cure. It was easy for you to promise a free procedure, and then conveniently explain that someone had already taken you up on the procedure, so you could only offer it once.

Where can we read about the results of this procedure... that is, in a reputable Medical Journal?
Why did you join OUCH? Was it a tax write-off as a marketing expense?

This part is for the both of you. When you belittle the people on this board, you tread on shaky ground. This place is for sufferers and their supporters. It is not a commercial forum. I wish you would leave. You have not made a single positive contribution here with your presence.

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