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Posted by Daniel ( on March 09, 2001 at 10:59:23:

In Reply to: Earth to Daniel; Earth to Rocky posted by ChuckC on March 09, 2001 at 09:20:09:

No ones taken us up Chuck C. About five or six are keen but they're not in a cluster, so there's still one free going if you're keen and my $200 stands, Brain K had 20 down too so thats 220 if he's still in

And no, unfortunatly the multiple input thing means that there are no guarantees, the procedure alone has cured some people 100%. We thaught this was the way it would be with everyone because the first opperations worked so well. So when I found this board i could hardly hold this back.

Even so the games that we play are somewhat different. I don't suffer so I can't support. We (me and Pops) are trying to solve a riddle. Since I first started posting there have been at least a three new developments on our side as far as curing clusters go. Things we've tried and some that have really worked. You see we've got the forum to try new things! There's unlikely anyone in the world that sees as many cluster sufferes as we do. I stand corrected but our database of headache suffers is more than 20 000 now, each of them suffering painful head neck and face pain of some sort or another. Thats alot of information about alot of people and its sure alot of experience.

At the moment due to yours truly's (other)marketing drives we see an average of 13 NEW headache sufferes EVERY DAY. Clusters are now about one a week. We have the opportunity to try new things! And our success is incredible, even where the operation fails to knock the pain out completely we're tying other things now. Theres other arteries that contribute in SOME - for sure! In SOME we've found a huge muscle tension input which is one of our specialities. One guy a few weeks ago we gave a shot of something or other (you'd have to ask pops) into the tender tough spot behind the shoulder that I have seen well doccumented on this board and his cluster disappeared in an minute or so. The injection was just some kind of muscle relaxant or local aniesthetic. That when we woop, me and pops

The only thing we don't do is drugs, except for progesterone if we find a hormonal input which give good results especially with migraine. Remeber the post about clusters and pregnancy! We also use various types of trigger point injections. That doesn't mean that the drug research is any less important than ours - its just not our thing, we think the answer lies else where, but thats any bodies guess

But the point is that we really want to solve the riddle/s. And from what I can determine thats ONE of the reasons that DJ created the site. To solve this riddle and F... this beast off the planet.

I understand that my levels of concern seem misplaced seeing as I don't suffer, but my gog wants me to relieve suffering around me, I tried to argue for some time but Gog always wins argument in some way or another - so now I do the only thing that could ever bring me happiness, comfort, or fullfilment in this life.

I've been so busy that I've been away for about a week, but I love all of you, and I watch you, and I listen. Almost every time I log onto this board I find something, often from one-off posters, that I just have to print out and discuss with my Pops.

There is a solution to this, it just has to be pieced together and this board (GoD Bless the D J) provides more information and insight than would be otherwise available to the medical community in a century of Sundays.

So, we need more info on drugs, and halucenogens (sp), and TN and EVERYTHING! - cause one day its gonna click - its part of Gog's promise - like shooting star accross the sky

So Ueli please forgive, and Chuck, get these indians to dig deep and join the fund.

Theres another thing, if one of you get cured it doesn't mean WE have to make the money. Surgeons are like mechanics, my pops could explain to any reasonable surgeon how to do the opperation over the phone, and then you can have it done where you are! And I don't make a cent! But this point will be ignored ... why?

But we can beat this beast. We will beat this beast - I really do have a personal vendetta - it F...'s with some pretty cool people

Never, never, never, never give up!


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