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Posted by Georgia ( on March 10, 2001 at 01:18:31:

In Reply to: Georgia posted by Ueli on March 09, 2001 at 21:19:58:

It seems that either I am not being clear as to my intent, or my point is being masked by others previous pain and anger. I am not trying to defend Rocky at all, nor put down any treatment purported here - especially the shroom treatment, nor I am saying that Paco is scamming us. In fact, I tried the hot pepper sauce under my tongue thing today. (Thank you, Paco!) I am using this as an opportunity to once again voice my concern. I am saying that I think ALL of the people reporting such treatments deserve equal respect. If they are bullshit, let it be and move on rather than having post after post of nonsense name calling. But herein lies my issue with the whole thing: Treatments are being judged on the basis of who is providing information about them, rather than giving each suggestion equal consideration. Ueli, have you not seen fellow cluster sufferers being bashed when they have shared what helps them? I certainly have. The people being accosted are not those that belong to the elite group of "elders" here, they are often times newbies, and they are more often scared off. This is what bothers me so deeply. I don't want this to turn into a lynch mob site where some people here have the ideal of being responsible for chasing people off the board. If someone has found something that helps ch, are we not going to allow them to speak here because they do not suffer from ch? Only a sufferer can help us? That limits our opportunity for help tremendously.

To return to your remark regarding the shroom treatment, I have tried it myself. Do I consider myself a druggie shroom head? No. Do I consider anyone that uses them a druggie shroom head? No. The sarcasm in my statement lies in it's absolute obsurdity, as it does with my comments about all of the treatments.

It seems self righteous to me to think "we" have to "warn the unaware". Who exactly are the unaware? Who exactly do you deem to be not intelligent enough to make a decision without your help? It sounds awfully similar to what you accused Rocky of..."these righteous know-everything-better-than-thou's".

As for Rocky's replies and digs to the people here, I do believe that I clearly stated he acted inappropriately, as did all of those who returned such hate.

Thank you for taking the time to copy all of the distasteful things Rocky posted. That really cracked me up. :) But on a serious note, if I were motivated enough to do so, I could easily compile such a list of comments made from the "regulars" here. If we are going to judge one person on their "attitude", is it not fair to do the same of ourselves?

Here are some links to the kind of posts that I referring to, where suggestions and the people who posted them have been mocked....
There are surely more, but I am just tired of looking.

I found this while searching and thought this might be interesting as well: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/wwwboard/messages/8351.html

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