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Posted by Ueli ( on March 09, 2001 at 21:19:58:

In Reply to: Carl..... posted by Georgia on March 09, 2001 at 14:08:04:

You are really barking up the wrong tree this time.

True, there are no meds specifically developed for CH. But...

Epilepsy and manic depression are both diseases with messed up Serotonin levels, same as CH - therefore, it's logical to try the same meds, and many get relive from them.

Migraines and CH have a common touching point: the the expanding blood vessels in the head - therefore, no wonder ergot- and triptan-drugs help for both.

Verapamil is not a high BP drug. It relaxes the arteries and that can result in dropping a too high BP and the same mechanism helps prevent CH. This is one of the few examples of a chance discovery for CH.

Paco is not scamming us with anything (as far as I know Poco is not the owner of the Colula factory) an the capsaicin he recommends has a sound foundation: it inhibits Substance P that plays an important role in pain transmission.

But your "those druggie shroom heads. Bastards." is an insult beyond believe, much worse the insults Rocky is spreading and certainly not fitting to your usual closing "Peace and love". These people have done a lot of research and are on to something that brings a long remission with almost 100% success. If you say you were sarcastic with this remark, then I must say: IMO even sarcasm has it's limits if you don't want to disqualify yourself.

In one point I can agree with you: I too am so goddamn tired of the board being filled with shit like Rocky's.

Now to this Robert G. Frie aka Rocky: In his first post he claims to have to have cured himself of Clusterheadaches, but the symptoms he describes do not sound familiar to any clusterheads. As everybody knows, people here are very skeptical, to say the least, if someone claims to have a 'cure' for CH, especially if he does not disclose it. Next he comes with a very muddled theory about Trigeminal Neuralgia being connected to CH, something nobody has ever heard about. The only 'evidence' Rocky can show is a 33 page report he has written to himself and that he has not made public. Many posts later he discloses that his wonder remedy is MSM, but he never bother to mention what this 3 letters stand for, why and how it help.
A search on the net shows MSM to be some wonder stuff, praised with much pseudo scientific gibberish, one more of the items the food supplement scam Mafia uses to drain money out of sick peoples pockets (see for their methods).

True, Rocky never asked for money for his cure, he asks for more: He asks us to give up our common sense, every bit of scientific thinking we acquired, everything we learned about our disease and start acclaiming his wacky theory about the TN/CH connection.

In his last 60 post he did not write a bit to make his loony theory more plausible. They all start with a chummy 'Dear (name)" and a polite "Sincerely Yours", "Respectfully", "Yours Truly" or "God Bless". But between these civilities he spews pure hatred and evil spells to everybody not ready to worship his cracked pot. Here a few quotations from his posts:

I hope you gentlemen live a long, long life to enjoy your pain and suffering.
Enjoy your suffering.
I am sorry that you have nothing better to do than waste time with unprofessional conduct on this web site.
Thanks for your unlearned comments.
You should read my 33 page report (which he does not make available) before you go online.
Thank you for "YOUR" unlearned comments.
You too should read my 33 page report (which he does not make available) and learn to show some humility.
I never wanted to be in this organization. (So why does he mess up their board and refuses to leave?)
Thank you for you unlearned comments.
Enjoy your CH pain & grief.
Mister with all due respect, with your attitude, you deserve being miserable.
It is truly a shame that in 31 years you have never opened your eyes or mind.
God will help those (Rocky's) who help themselves. ( A rather elitist attitude, huh?)
If people do not have eyes to see and ears to hear, then sorry God nor I can help them. (At least, God comes first.)
You should start writing children's books.
Grow Up my friend.
Thanks for being part of the problem and not the solution, Sir!
So get your check book out and enjoy your misery.
Please be advised to go back to English school and get a command of the English language.
This web site is full of sick minded people. I am glad that I am not apart of it. (So why is he still here?)
May God forgive you and your crimes.
So be a good boy and go back to your dope. It is quite clear that you fried your brain a long time ago.
Live long, and enjoy your misery.
You Sir, are a man/child that has serious mental problems.
I would beg you to seek professional mental help ASAP.
If you want to be CH/TN sick that's your business. (He still didn't get it that nobody here has TN.)
Get a clue and Enjoy your Misery my friend.
I thought you were a man and could deal with adult topics.
A bunch of drugged out hatemongers.
It will give you more creditability while you are making your drugged out assertions.
I think you should advise your friends to get off the drugs and seek spiritual help.

In compiling these quotes, it occurred to me that poor Rocky must feel that he is the long awaited Messiah; and he is unbearably disappointed that nobody believes in Him.

Georgia, do you really believe Rocky is the victim and all the others the villains?
Should we really swallow the crap he is disseminating, without trying to warn the unaware from his false prophecies?

A trademark of these righteous know-everything-better-than-thou's is the urge to have the last word in every branch of every thread. The same method is (was) used by Daniel, VD, Anthony, Watermutt.
And notice, none of these is a clusterhead, they have no idea of the agonizing pain we suffer, instead they try to 'sell' some miracle cure and in doing so mess up our board.

I too would like to see the message board used for the purpose intended. But to quote Friedrich Schiller from his play about our national hero William Tell:

Es kann der Brävste nicht im Frieden leben / wenn es dem bösen Nachbarn nicht gefällt
(The most peaceful man cannot live in peace / if this doesn't please his evil neighbor)

Love and peace,

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