Georgia, please read

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Posted by Brian K ( on March 10, 2001 at 12:07:34:

In Reply to: Carl..... posted by Georgia on March 09, 2001 at 14:08:04:

Georgia, since you decided to use a quote from one of my postís to that idiot I thought in fairness you and anyone who hasnít seen it, should see why I said I would use his 33 pages of garbage for tp, first of all if you would like to read his report it will cost you $12, second of all he gives out bogus phone numbers and email addyís, third the guyís web site looks like he is mentally unstable and lastly he is a rude jerk. What kind of person when confronted with evidence that not all ch sufferers have TN tell the person who confronted him to enjoy their misery? Iíll tell you what kind, an asshole that knows he is not going to get any cash out of that person. Here is a transcript of our conversation:
(Oh yeah, Rocky if you are reading this donít bother with a follow up I will not read or respond.)

I was going to keep my mouth shut (Posted by Brian K)
but isnít it funny that my trigeminal neuralgia just ďhealsĒ itself for months at a time (longest ever 18 months) Sorry Rocky but if this TN was the same as CH first we would all be chronic and second from your description of you affliction (months of growing pain with no relief) is nothing like the attacks I suffer with ch. Sorry pal just donít see it.

Rocky to Brian K (Posted by Rocky)

Dear Brian:
Live long, and enjoy your misery.
Respectfully Yours,
Rocky Frie

Misery (Posted by Brian K)
Thanks I will...since my ch is under control and my tn just heals itself for long periods I guess I'll use your 33 page report as tp

Rocky to Brian K (Posted by Rocky)
Dear Brian:
That's a very good idea Sir. So while you are using my 33 page CH/TN report log as TP then go ahead and stick the whole thing in your mouth, because that is the whole basis of your thinking.
Enjoy your misery,
Rocky Frie

You're Right (posted by Brian K)

I do hope you eat shit and die...

BRIAN'S MENTAL PROBLEM (posted by Rocky)

Dear Brian:
Pleased be advised that this CH/TN message board has no place for your reprehensible language and childish behavior. You Sir, are a man/child that has serious mental problems. I would beg you to seek professional mental help ASAP. The hatred that you are displaying on this message board, illistrates your deep anger for your fellow man. It would be interesting to know what kinds of drugs you are taking, this might be what is causing your failure to deal with reality. Again I ask you to seek professional help, before you hurt yourself or another human being.
With Love,
Rocky Frie

What (Posted by Brian K)
the hell is wrong with you, for the past few days I have been reading your messages and responses. You have the audacity to inquire about someone else's mental state. I know 5 year olds more mature than you. Why don't you do what Ueli has requested and take your worthless carcass out of here. Go peddle your TN talk elsewhere, I will be the bigger person here and will no longer respond to your childish posts hoping that you will just go away.
Bye Bye
Brian K
BRIAN'S TANTRUM!!!! (Posted by Rocky)

Dear Brian:
Are you having a bad day? Because someone who really loves you, and I really do, tells you the truth, now you want to run off in your corner and stop talking. What a pity, I thought you were a man and could deal with adult topics, I guess I was wrong. I said it before, and I will say it again, this CH/TN thing is a serious medical problem that needs to be delt with on a professional level and the childish non-sense left out. If you don't think you can do this, then may be you need to leave this forum and go back to your mother for advise.
Yours Truly,
Rocky Frie

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