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Posted by Georgia ( on March 09, 2001 at 14:08:04:

In Reply to: Okay kids. Put on yer thinkin' caps. You cannot cross-dress CH with TN. posted by Carl D on March 09, 2001 at 10:04:44:

How many of the drugs that we all take here, Imitrex, Verapimil, Lithium, Prednisone etc. where designed to treat Cluster Headaches? We do take drugs for ch that are supposed to help epilepsy, high blood pressure, manic depression, migraines, yadda yadda yadda. That does not mean that they do not help ch, obviously.

My point is that while TN and CH are not the same thing, neither are epilepsy and ch, or migraines and ch, yet the meds produced for those ailments help us. Simple logic suggests then that treatments for TN could help ch as well. It is not beyond possibility.

Until we have drugs and treatments specifically created for ch, that leaves us to wade through pools of pills hoping that one of them will perchance work. Near everything found to lessen our pain, abort attacks, and for many - have their lives back - was discovered while treating another condition. Imitrex was found to relieve headaches for people with migraines and someone along the way said, hey let's try it for ch. They took a chance, a risk, and found one of the best, according to many here, drug that acts as an abortive known to ch. Am I then going to say, pish posh, to everyone else that comes here with an idea of what may help us? I understand your point in separating ch and tn, and you made it very well. But to scoff at something that could help me, that could help you, that could help one person here simply because it was not designed for ch is assanine, especially before we have tried it.

The "cure" proposed by Rocky costs money, so we have accused him of being here only to sell this product to us. How much does Imitrex cost? Tell me of one medication that does not cost money or of one drug rep that doesn't go around giving out free samples and telling the wonder of their product. Are you going to refuse Imitrex because it wasn't designed for ch, they charge money for it, and people try to sell it? (I know Imitrex doesn't work for you, Carl, it doesn't do a damn thing for me either. I am just using it as an example. Feel free to substitute any of the hundreds of things we have collectively shoved down our throats.) Are we going to accuse Paco of scamming us with Redhot? And who here has the corner on water? Not to mention those damn peppermint oil people. Oh and the nerve of some people to say that Reiki healing has cured their ch. I am not even going to touch those druggie shroom heads. Bastards. Is this what we have come to? So caught up in our own pain that we can't even acknowledge something that MAY help in a civil way? If it's a one in a million chance that it will work - sign me up because I would try ANYTHING to stop this fucking pain and have my life back. I hear the same words from people here over and over, and yet when presented with the opportunity to explore something new, what do they do? They call people assholes and putzes and try to run them off the board. Is it the mere fact that Rocky came to US selling something, if indeed that is what he is doing? I forgot, this should be a hard torturous thing that we have to spend years seeking out. I don't know if MSM works for ch, and I also don't know that it doesn't. When we know what causes ch, then we should start judging cures prematurely, and not before.

The irony of this all is that I don't even know why I am responding to this. I am so goddamn tired of the board being filled with shit like - I am going to use your report for TP. Can you imagine what could be accomplished if we all focused this time and energy wasted on putting each other down on something positive? I realize that I am in the minority here, and perhaps I am writing this with the hope that even the slightest touch of clarity with brush the face of someone here because I have taken the risk to speak out.

Peace and love,

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