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Posted by annemarie ( on March 11, 2001 at 16:11:07:

So I took the shroom tea, Sunday last...

I was starting to shadow heavily, and one or two really escaped and had me hitting the O2. I estimated I was really in for it this time, and decided to go for the shrooms.

Went on monday. Shop was closed.
Went on tuesday. They were fresh out. Maybe tomorrow.
Went on thursday (didn't trust the maybe). Got the shrooms.
Came home and stored them (busy day). Realized late at night I hadn't had a shadow for hours.
Friday - no shadows.

Miraculous influence of shrooms? Preventing headaches from their shelf in my fridge, through the walls even?

Saturday morning, finally shadows again, Kip 2 going on for 3. Fair enough. It is for tonight.
There I was gently brewing shroom tea - while I hadn't told Cees yet I was going to try that evening - when a friend of his came round. Lots of problems, didn't leave till after 10 p.m. Cees was exhausted and I put the tea in an airtight container in the fridge.

Took the tea on sunday. My scales must have been off, OR the shrooms were extra special strong, OR I am extra special sensitive. In short, had me quite a trip.

Since then - not a shadow. Several days runnign I woke up with a blank feeling in my right temple, as if something had disappeared there.
I also had a headache hovering around my right temple.
Both sensations are gone now.

I stil get occasional sensitivity on CH hot spots, but the feeling is not the same as when shadows hit.
The silly thing is: I now have lots of little headaches, the wimpy, "not-now-dear" kind of headache. The ones I NEVER used to have.
Well, small price to pay.

I know my story is not conclusive. For best or shall we say more impressive results I should have waited till the attacks were fully developed. But there it is, I didn't dare...

Let's see how long I stay free of the beast. When next it strikes I'll be off to the magic shroom shop again.

And, ah, great big loving thanks to Flash and Pinky who sent encourageing e-mails with lots of pertinent information. Couldn't have done it without them.


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