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Posted by Margi ( on April 05, 2001 at 10:30:19:

In Reply to: Self appointed judges judge, and who gives a frickin' Blah posted by Carl D on April 05, 2001 at 00:01:12:

"even when I am miserable, I try to show support to others" -- that's the sentence that hit me in your post.
THAT's how you should be judged, Carl. THAT's how I judge you. I've read your posts for a few years now and I always notice that the responses you give to the peeps who are hitting the wall are filled with compassion and support. I am consistenly amazed that, considering the hell you live each day, that you are still able to reach inside yourself and find such understanding and are able to touch that person and offer your hand to them, when I know that you zoomed well past your own limits with your last attack. Yet you still take the time to stop and help others who need you.
I hate that you were chastized last night (although, from reading your post, it sounds like it was much worse than just 'chastizing'). I hate that ANY true CH sufferer or supporter EVER gets chastized. And, I'm sorry you were hurt, Carl. That bites.
I think it was Ted who wrote that parody of the Dr. Seuss poem about the Sneetches, remember that? The (Imitrex)Pill Popping Sneetches against the Shooting (needle) Sneetches? Sorry, I'm too lazy to look it up on August's site right now, or more to the point - too frustrated to leave this reply right now to go do that - but that's exactly what has happened here. We have a group of Sneetches who are thinking they should set the rules and judge the other Sneetches. That's not right. It doesn't fit in within the guidelines of a support group. We are all Sneetches, the only distinction here should be whether we are a Suffering Sneetch or a Supporting Sneetch. Quite often, the Suffering Sneetch is an amazing Supporter Sneetch, because they initimately understand the suffering side. If one of our Sneetches says they are experiencing an attack that hits 1,000,000 on the Kip Scale, then we should reach out to that Sneetch and accept that they are simply trying to tell us that they have now gone past their limit of tolerable pain. NOT criticize them or tell them they are whiners or whatever. There IS only one judge in this life, and I can guaran-damn-tee you it isn't any one of the members at or
So, Carl, my advice to you is to keep on keepin' on - you've done nothing wrong. You are bursting with talent, you are a very compassionate Sneetch, and we WILL support you through your pain.
I hope someday we'll see more and more members of the "B-List" of Sneetches. If being on the "A-List" of Sneetches means turning people in pain away from because they step outside the lines, that should never be there in the first place, then I hope I never make the "A-List".
Peace be with you, Carl

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