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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on April 05, 2001 at 12:34:20:

In Reply to: Self appointed judges judge, and who gives a frickin' Blah posted by Carl D on April 05, 2001 at 00:01:12:

...people were callin the "judgmental old timers"... "cliques"

This post appeared...(insert Atlanta for Las Vegas)

Posted by Rumplestiltskin ( on August 07, 1999 at 01:53:11:

I have encoded this so no members of THE CLIQUE can read it. If you can read this you are safely NOT a part of THEM! It's true! They are ignoring us. I had trouble opening the message board tonight and I know THEY were jamming it. Have any of you NON-CLIQUERS experienced this?...No,no,no! don't post an answer to that! Just nod.
your head. Ha! I knew it!

Heres what we need to do. Notice I'm not saying "only my opinion", that is THEIR codeword. We are going to stop having headaches or are going to stop them right after they start with some technique that THEY have never spoke about or even heard of. I haven't worked out all the details on that one but check THEIR archives and make sure it's not one of THEIR CLIQUE tricks before using it. Or if you want to keep having them just smile so THEY don't know you hurt, cause THEY will gang up on you with warm fuzzy posts and prayers and stuff...Thats how they suck you in! An before ya know it you'll be typing "well said" and "family" and you won't be able to fart without getting 10 replys.

Remember THEY have spies everywhere just waiting to ignore us. I even have my doubts about this convention thing. I bet THEY are really going to meet in Hawaii and are just trying to sucker all of us into going to Las Vegas. I can just see it now. We arrive and noone is hugging or clumped up or clustered together like you just know THEY will be! I'm beginning to think that THEY are the cause of my headaches!

THEIR so vain...I bet THEY think this post is about THEM.

If ya go to the archives you'll see a variety of responses to Rumples post...the dark side and the light....Margie said "Why do we have to do this every other week, folks?"

Elaine's arrow of "get off yer ass" targets herself, Carl and I and you...whoever reads this. Pisses us all off to hear it. Specially people like me that have a deepseated "poor me'' or "why me" or "i'm old...paid my dues...and can now lay back" streak.

"Is there a fucking point here?" you ask.

...uh...if the jokes offend...if the tough love offends...if the buzzards circle ya...burn not thy bridges...retreat and forward are relative things.

Damn...i'm still lookin fer that fuckin point.

I (CH.COM)turned straw into gold for you....yer first born (yer ego) is a small price to pay....

PS: To quote the President-elect "I love this neighberhood"

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