Don't beat Deb up because you are pissed at me!

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Posted by Elaine ( on April 05, 2001 at 12:34:39:

In Reply to: There is a time for a kick in the pants.... posted by August on April 05, 2001 at 11:55:16:

I believe you are Angelia not Augusta!
I will always believe that.
Angla was on the board awhile back. It was posted she killed herself. She had brain cancer and her husband was trying to kill her. She posted several times, even had a cyber afair with Ted. Then the post hit the board that Angela killed herself.
Then out of the blue here comes Augusta with the same problem ! It turns out they are twin sisters, both with clusters both with brain cancer and guess what the same man is trying to kill her also. Plus she has a cyber afair with Ted. It gets better. Now angla never said any thing in any of her post about having a sister with clusters, strange I would think that would be something that she would post! Also when Augusta comes on she does not say she is Angela sister she waits till people figure it out then post she is her twin. Not only that but she said Angela died in the hospital but we were led to believe she killed herself.
Augusta has answers for everything ! Augusta has a web site owned by the man that is trying to kill her. I am sorry but enough is enough! I don't believe augusta is who she says she is.
I wrote you and I never posted! I even tried to believe in you. It kept getting stranger and stranger. I would have never posted this but the last straw was when Ted came in chat and started his crap. He was told we did not believe him and facts given as to why , what did we get someone had taken over your computer ect....Never a fact that was believeable. So because I did not believe in you Ted posted in chat that he wished me dead and I did not have cancer. Well you know what. I use to let that upset me. But there are people who know me well and know I have cancer. I have pulled out prove. I have the scards to prove it and medicial bills to show. I sleep with Todd and he knows for sure. I don't have to prove anything to anyone no more than you have to prove to me. I have stated my believe to you not on this board. You have posted how hurt you are.
The letter that ted sent about your death that Todd posted below was the last straw to me. You were back on the board 24 hours later as if nothing had happen. I never posted about you and my disbelieves.But you came stright to the board as Carl did and posted how bad you was treated. You never was in chat only for a second that night. But yet you posted. Now everyone beat me up about this.

I am tired of the post that have been posted and people only knowing half the story.

You can not take the truth cause you don't know it I think you believe you are Augusta!
Don't attact someone else cause you are pissed at me just because they agree!

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