Can some knowledgeable person tell me i'm an idiot, .....or was the nurse right, and i'm just fine

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Posted by August ( on April 12, 2001 at 17:47:37:

I'm writing this with a high fever from the flu and lack of serious sleep, so if it makes no sense you can laugh and skip it. I tried to look this up for myself after reading about DMX here on the board, but my search efforts ended up with rap sites. I think my fever has put me in a state of search illiteracy because i can't think to save my soul right now. Anyway... I had this experience that tripped me out last night and i thought it must be because of my fever, but after reading this about DMX i'm wondering if this alka seltzer plus cold and cough med which has the ingrediants of DMX 10mg. Chloropheniramine Maleate 2mg, acetaminophren 325mg, with alka seltzer sleeping aid that has acetaminophren 325mg, and diphenhydramine citrate 38mg, was what did it. I'm not a complete moron, i called my drs. nurse who answers these questions(poor lady) and she said that if i took them together I should be fine. About 35-40 min after taking them I felt like I was completely disconnected with my body, and when i got up to walk everything felt like it was tilted and i was about 8ft tall. My mind started to wander, (sort of like it is now)to Alice and Wonderland but then jolted back to the memory of the nurse saying to me " you should be fine." Funny i didn't feel just fine. The weird part was that the dis-association of being in my body actually made all the aches and pains of the flu tolerable. I thought well cool i'll remember this mixture. I remembered this feeling from taking shrooms a few times. It's a feeling hard to explain, but i was thinking to myself that it felt like a psychedelic sort of thingy so i looked in the mirror at my eyes and my pupils were huge. I know when i've taken shrooms i've seen that same thing.

Ok, so what does this have to do with anything? Well, if anyone who knows something about drugs could tell me if i'm safe to take this again it'd be cool, because this flu is kicking my butt,and i'd like to take that same combo again. I like feeling 8ft tall and not able to feel how sick i am.

If it isnt' safe and someone knows it for a fact, please tell me and i can look like an idiot and someone else can read about it and not make the same mistake.

How is this cluster-related? I don't know, umm because i'm a cluster head and i've got the flu and i want to know if i take it again will i still have brain cells left to post here again.

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