stabbing pain lasts seconds 4-5X a month

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Posted by Melanie ( on April 26, 2001 at 13:57:08:

Hi everyone!
I'm new to this site and I have been peeking around for a few days searching the vaults. From the vaults I think I've diagnosed myself with episodic paroxysmal hemicrania.

I have 1-5 seconds of severe pain that occurs on the top of my head.(a little to the left side) it feels like someone walked up and hit me on the head with a hammer and then walked away. I always tell my husband someone has a voodoo doll of me and sticks pins in the head of the doll every now and then. they started about a year ago. right now, i'm afraid i've got too many doctors stirring the stew, and i'm very confused.
the first time i had one i was on the phone with a customer and i ripped off my earphones, pressed the top of my head and yelled. i went to the emergency room, right after it, because i thought i was having an annurism or something. it really, REALLY scared me. the doctor prescribed imitrex for me, which didn't do JACK! i have NO idea when they're coming. no hint, no inkling, no nothing. how is imtrex going to help me?

i went to see my physician who gave me an mri, eeg, cat scan, blah, blah....nothing was the matter. month after month i had them. in the beginning, it was just once a month right before or during my period. when it was time for my annual pap, i told my ob/gyn what was happening. he thought my hormones dropped so low during my period that these headaches occured. so he put me on birth control pills all the time.(i dont take the sugar pills, i just continue onto the next pack, therefore takes away my period, which scares me a little) well, that worked for one month, now they're back again, only more frequent. 4-5 times a month. another doctor told me he thought bc pills would make this worse! i went to a neuro, he put me on inderal. that dosent do JACK! and it makes my whole face really red and hot all the time. i'm at wit's end!! I can't live like this. i just cant be talking to someone and all of a sudden go OWWWW!( they are really, really painful, and i cant do anything but hold me head and yell) and then be back to normal again. i can't continue a professional career, without looking like an idiot. help! help! help! anyone feel free to email me, and i'm sorry this message is so long. thanks so much

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