Goadsby ...?

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Posted by Daniel ( on May 19, 2001 at 04:55:42:

In Reply to: We know posted by Bob P on May 18, 2001 at 22:01:25:

The following quote from a mail recieved the day before yesterday from PINKY refers ...
"No one, myself included, knows FOR SURE the exact mechanism by which indole-based hallucinogens stop clusters. "

With all due respect Bob, if YOU know exactly what causes the shrooms to work please be sure to tell Pinky, because he's not quite as sure as you are - theories? yes - proof? I'd say yes - but understanding? Not yet my friend.

Next the hypothalamus ...

You're the president of the Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches, and a very good one too I believe. But how you can punt a theory that YOU don't understand is beyond me - your and Paco's posts about not being able to understand Goadsby refer ...

Infact how many people here will defend Ueli's point of view till the edge of doom, but actually don't understand it - well since yourself and Paco came out of the closet I'd say pretty much EVERYONE! Its hilarious!

So they pick up a reaction in the Hypothalamus during an attack - through all that incomprehensible garbage the simplicity of it all it that A REACTION IS PICKED UP - thats a great step forward I'm sure - but right now its never cured anyone - I wonder what they'd pick up if they monitored the toes, or the spleen, or the gall badder, or that funny little hanging thing at the back of your throat

Honestly, not only is my theory easy to understand, but is has cured people - one of them in front of your face if you'd just have the courage to open your eyes. In fact I come here through all this rubbish, cure a member of this board and the Oganization for Understanding Clustr Headaches does not even bother to contact him -never mind us - but you didn't even contact him!

I wonder if you've ever wondered why my Old Man never takes over from me and gets in these medical arguments.

The answer is "How can he?" You see the TRUTH is ...

On support you guys are 100 cement.
But On research you're a power pile with its eyes wide shut

My Old man has these same types of arguements with heads of Swiss Neurology Departments all over the world - and you'll be pleased to know that you can cure some one in front of their eyes too, and they just don't seem to be able to bear it

Whatta World!
(Oooops, Den wannabe, there it is again, infact perhaps if more you would want to be like Den ... ain't never seen him dissin no,one except the Boob for a power pile display, never hear him cussin' although he may swear, always objective ... eyes wide open. Den, you're the Bomb Ride On! - actually the only reason I luvs ya is cause you're the one thhat hates me the most)

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