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Posted by Flash ( on May 22, 2001 at 05:07:35:

In Reply to: For those of you who have decided... posted by Paco on May 20, 2001 at 12:42:37:

1. Does a visual aura always precede your migraine pain?

No it comes during the migraine.

2. Are your migraines triggered by the onset of menstruation?

No I'm male.

3. At what age did your migraines begin? Was it before or after your first cluster attack?


4. Are your migraine triggers the same as your cluster triggers? If so, do you always get both at the same time?

These days I only get hit with migraine during my cluster episode. Typically when I am having 6 x 3 hour long #10 clusers every day there is also a migraine running in the background the other 6 fuckin hours.

5. Have your migraine and/or your cluster cycles/attacks lessened in length or severity with time?

Fuck yes!

6. Are your clusters ever triggered by migraines or vice versa?

Migraines are now part of the overall cluster experience for me.

7. Do you ever experience nausea with your clusters?

Yes both with an without migraines present.

8. Does vigorous exercise abort your migraines?


9. When you have simultaneous attacks, do any abortives work for both types?

I don't take any prescription medication.

10. Do you ever get migraines and clusters simultaneously and ipsilaterally?

No the migraines fill the spaces in between the cluster attacks.

11. Are both your eyes the same color? Is at least one of your eyes hazel?

Both green, olive green.

12. When you have simultaneous attacks, do you pace and scream and bang your head, or do you lie quietly in a dark room?

I scream, pray out loud, bang my head, hit myself, vomit, pass out, cry, beg God to make it stop, thrash around a lot, pace on my hands and knees, swear at people I love.

13. Do you take different meds for migraines and clusters at the same time?


14. Is O2 equally effective in aborting your clusters and migraines?

I haven't tried it yet, but I am able to procure it now.

15. Do you think there is a common factor in the cause of migraines and clusters?

No in the cause, only the mechanism. Migraine is the demo version. For full gameplay you need to insert a deformed hypothalmus.

16. Do you ever get migraines and clusters confused?

Do you ever get bullets and nuclear weapons confused?

17. What is the pain severity levels of your migraines vs your clusters?

The migraines ht abour Kip 3. The clusters go to the point where I black out screaming. Every year #10 is redfined as #9 and a new more painful #10 comes along.

18. Do you think people who suffer only clusters don't understand your pain?

They understand it better than people with only migraines do. During peak cycle my pain NEVER drops below kip 3 for 10 days. During this time it blasts up to #7, #8, #9, or #10 up to 6 times a days for up to 3 hours each attack.

19. When you get migraines and clusters at the same time, do you ever puke in your oxygen mask?

I don't have oxygen yet. I usually managed to crawl to the toilet first. Often I just spend the entire week in the toilet.

20. Do you think that clusters are just a variant of migraines?

No. They share the same mechanism, but not the same cause. Clusters are at least 3x times sorer than the most painful migraine.


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