Hi Michelle - a word about antibiotics...

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Posted by Margi ( on June 06, 2001 at 10:03:25:

In Reply to: My daughter's headaches? posted by Michelle on June 05, 2001 at 23:21:15:

Wow. You've gotten some great responses here - these people really do provide a fountain of information and an overpouring of compassion, don't they? Great post, Ted - great links, Trip, Bob, Charlie, Paco, Den, Carl - awesome work guys.
I hate to think that a wee one is going through this hell. I, too, am a 'supporter' of a cluster headache sufferer - my husband. He's been the same route as your daughter with the myriad of tests and diagnoses of wicked sinus infections, diagnosed sinus blockages, yada yada yada.
I can't stress to you enough to get her off and STAY off the antibiotics, Michelle. If she HAS to be on them, please at least supplement her with acidopholus to keep the good bacteria alive within her. Although antibiotics may treat the sinus symptoms, they destroy all the good bacteria in her system and she really needs it to fight off what's causing her sinus congestion. Trust me. I've done mountains of research into this. I firmly believe there is a connection to clusters with candida overgrowth (which causes sinus infections, etc.), and we have had a mom and young son here who went that treatment route. Controlled his diet and he did find some relief. I know lots of folks think this to be bunk, but in someone so young, I hate to think of them going on any chemical meds and going through the resulting side effects.
If she is suffering from candida overgrowth, you need to limit, or better yet, remove the following from her diet immediately.
(pretty much anything white)
She will probably feel yucky as the candida is dying off, but maybe, just maybe, her litle system will rebalance and she'll be stronger to fight these monsters.
Do use the ice (or frozen peas or corn), when she's getting attacked. Try rubbing the back of her neck (if she will let you), it will help her to stay calm, if nothing else, and if she gets scared and angry, the attack will escalate. My hubby lays an ice bag on the back of his neck at the beginning of an attack and it not only helps later to apply directly to the pain site, but it does keep him cooler and, therefore, calmer.
Please feel free to email me anytime at moxie_miss@hotmail.com. Sorry I've gone on so long here, I just can't stop myself. To think of a little one going through this just rips my heart out.
Hugs for Mum (Michelle) and you let little Lex know that she's got an army of clusterbuds behind her now.
Read everything you can here and use the search feature to look up all that has been written here about Candida. Check out the Water x 3 button to the left, but please check with a doc before starting that treatment with those young kidneys.
K, shutting up now, but keeping you in my prayers.

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