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Posted by Chamb ( on June 06, 2001 at 20:12:09:

To the Adams Family:

I’ve received loads of e-mails from silent on-lookers ( clusterheads ) who found what happened the night to be typical of “ the elders “ but expressed their frustrations regarding the way I was treated. For that reason only I felt it a must to defend my position as a precedent.

If you look at the postings in chronological order, you will see that Jonny was indeed the one who cast the first blow. I may have leaned a bit hard in my reply but very openly ASKED what he was doing other than putting down ideas of someone who is doing. When I posted my idea, I felt it held relevance regarding clusters. I have found that by fighting other peoples demons I get a type of satisfaction out of being able to make a difference, something that I have had great trouble in doing with the clusters. I had hoped that maybe others would identify with me on that point. Wow, was I wrong. What I got was “ When you get a chance produce Richard geres gerbil ill help, otherwise ill worry about the poor and helpless in this country.................jonny “ Now I don’t know, if that is not a stab and a curt one at that, then what is it?? It put me in a position that made me feel like I should defend myself along with one of the most important things in my life. So I did. Then it seems as though the “ family “ fell upon me… The family’s true colors were shinning through, that’s for sure. I gathered from the e-mails I received that you people do this often to others, especially new-comers. It seems as though the “ family “ has developed some type of ownership to the content that is posted. I think someone used the term “ watch-dog “ regarding jonny, what is he watching for?? Are there enemies out there lurking in the shadows?? The weird part is that if he is the watch doggy, why did everyone feel it necessary to bark at me so loud. I hadn’t realized that what I would write to jonny would have any relevance to anyone else’s reality, I realize now that that was misjudgment on my part. Why did so many feel it necessary to lash out, I wasn’t even talking to you. I know, I know, “ well Chamb, we are a family and family takes care each-other.” Well you’re not a very nice or welcoming family, why is that? Generally speaking, fear is what brings out the anger in people: example being “ where is this new guys perspective coming from? “ When seeing something NEW or different, people normally react in an off-stand-ish way, if they are not comfortable with their own perspective or position. Now remember, I am speaking generally and not pointing a finger at anyone here, I’m just trying to figure out why you people reacted like you did?? What could this stranger have done so wrong that it would absorb that much energy from you all?? I OBVIOUSLY didn’t know jonny’s involvement with others suffering so by questioning him on that exactly, came from a completely ignorant position and THAT’S why I ASKED what was he doing… Obviously he irritated me with his curt and rude posting, so I responded in the same fashion. Again, he began the rolling of the snow-ball. Why would I or anyone write something like I did if it was completely unprovoked?? Does that sound logical or even remotely close to what actually went down?? Take another look at the entire posting frenzy that went on last night, essentially, take a look at yourselves and what you wrote and where your anger REALLY came from. It seems as though insecurity on jonny’s part brought you all out to defend him, I mean if you all in fact believed that jonny was capable of standing his own ground then why did you all feel compelled to get involved as you did. You may be feeling more anger towards me now, but why? What have I done to deserve it? Where is your anger really deriving from? Cause if a stranger has caused you to react in anger when he hadn’t even looked your way or knew you were alive, then it may be time to take a closer look at what’s going on with you, inside. I can only hope that this whole incident will help the “ family “ or the “ elders “ to CHECK themselves cause it’s obvious you all be wreck’en yourselves and effecting others in a negative way as you do it. It’s rewarding to have gotten so many e-mails supporting me and I thank the folks that sent the mails, you all know who you are… It’s also encouraging to my position to find that the majority of people who wrote me had TRAVELED and understood precisely what I was attempting to convey in my initial posting. Leading me to come to only one conclusion, that the people that take the position of “ we have to help ourselves before we can help others “ is simply an excuse to not face the things that they may not understand. The unknown, the unknown = fear but fear is only what you make of it, it’s with-in your power to challenge your fears or the things you don’t understand or know about rather than criticize and ridicule someone who may be facing his. Ok, that’s speaking from the heart but from the heart of someone who is attempting to communicate with people that are able to comprehend the heart. Basically what I’ve learnt in my travels and the way I conduct myself when abroad. But now I’m going to speak to a couple of people that attacked me last night in a language that I know quite well, being that I spent 24 years of my life here in the states. And very probably the only way to reach these “ lost family members “. It may seem like a contradiction but I feel that what I am responding to here is not even close to what these people were responding to when they wrote the things they wrote AT me… Fight fire with fire so to speak… After all I am not the Dalai Lama

Jonny, I understand that you live in Mass., what a coincidence, so do I. If you’d like to meet one time and bring some more of your shit on, nothing would make me happier. It’s been some time since a deserving soul has crossed my path in this sense, you seemed awfully willing last night, you just let me know. I’m in Fitchburg for the entire summer. Get back to me if you can find the strength. Bullying people around on the site might be your idea of fun but what’s your ability to do it in the real world, I guess not very strong. That’s why you act as you do on the website I would gather…

Charlie, your posting directed AT me “ You do not live in the real world. Tibetans do not want your help. They probably don't want our help. We don't want nor need your help. Face it, Tibet isn't exactly a place that draws attention to most people other than those fascinated with the 11th century. “ shows how ignorant you are regarding this topic. What in gods name would cause you to write something so shallow and meaningless and completely backwards?? It’s completely comparable to me saying something about your work not needing you and that all the people at your work are the same and useless, when I don’t have a clue as to what you do at work or who you work with or where you are working. You have outdone everyone with that posting, you are truly the biggest asshole that has ever lived… But that’s just my perspective… First of all I do my work with Tibetans in India, they are in desperate need of my help and yours and everyone on the planet’s, I am not drawn to Tibet and Tibetans due to their rich and long lived culture and religion. I am there working with TYC not a monastery but an organization that holds hunger-strikes to the death that are sometimes accompanied by self-immolations, I don’t study Buddhism and the dialect I have learned is Tibetan street language in order to make myself more available to the people trying to fight for Human Rights and a Free Tibet. I’m 100% American and know, it’s the American in me that motivates me, drives me, to spend my days in India doing all that I can to help these suffering people you insensitive PRICK!! Your suffering has obviously left you numb cause anyone with any fucking feelings left at all would certainly not have written what you did. I can only hope that the Tibetans are correct in their perspective of good karma and bad karma, cause if they are I reckon you’re fighting a burner of a cluster right fucking now. If not then justice has not prevailed… If jonny comes around I’ll be sure to drop one on him for you.

One last thing, all the people who have remarked on how the people of this country should be somehow FIRST in line on the ( help them ) list need to talk with some people who have actually climbed out of the security box ( America ) and taken a look around the planet and have some base to speak from. I’m sure if I had boarded up my windows in my house and never left it, I too would feel like helping the people in the house before the ones outside. However, if the people in the basement, the one’s I was helping or at least wanted to help, were victims of the other house holds way of doing in the first place ( our society and it’s priorities ) were actually doing 95% better than the ones outside, then how would you feel??? I grew up in the ghetto, believe me I’ve seen the down side in America and it ain’t noth’en like the shit I’ve seen in Asia. Remember one thing, I never attempted to force anything on anyone here, I was simply offering my perspective and I got a lot of insecure reactions in doing so. I you people that have remarked back to me negatively are work’en the soup kitchens, then I applaud you, really. But what I think is happening here, AND ONCE AGAIN IT IS ONLY ONE PERSONS VIEW, is a bunch of people feeling bad for themselves or feeling extremely proud of themselves for having fought off the demon for so long. Get over yourselves if it’s the proud thing. And if you are feeling bad for yourself, guess what, you’re already dead and the demon has won.

Incredibly Sincere,



All of the above the inflections above are only my very, very distant, from you ( obviously, I don’t even know you ) perspective. I don’t judge anyone here, I’m only writing back to exactly what you’ve written, so I hope nobody takes it personally, except for a couple of assholes that I really thought deserved a wake-up call, however, I don’t want to mention any names……. JONNY AND CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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