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Posted by Ted ( on June 06, 2001 at 23:09:32:

In Reply to: My final posting and visit to this site......... posted by Chamb on June 06, 2001 at 20:12:09:

even though you've been battling with my friend Jonny I respected you up till now. Liberating Tibet and allowing the real Dalai Lama to be free in his place of birth are very noble and desirable causes to work for. I deeply admired you for that alone and figured battles will be battles amongst clusterheads. They always pop up. But you really fucked up here, in my eyes. Let's start with the biggest fuck up. Jonny is a good man, man. When it seemed like I was going to really need it, offline mind you, he was going to be there to, as he puts it always, get my back. He knew how dangerous the situation would be and he still would have been there for me, if it came down to that. That said, Jonny, while you wouldn't need it I'm quite sure, I'm just down the road from you and I've got your back this time, bro. Just give a call if you need it.
Secondly, that should answer your question of if their is ever a threat here that we have to be on guard for.
Thirdly, you said the "elders" here all came at you, or something like that. I'm an "elder" here and as I said above, had a deep respect for what you're working for. I still do. I guess it's just you I lost that respect for from this post.
Fourthly, I have to admit that as an American I was quite embarassed to see such xenophobic shit posted here, let alone believed. Some of the things I saw posted in response to your first posting wasn't shocking, as I live in this country and hear that bullshit all the time. But it's always disturbing and embarassing when I know someone not a citizen heres it.
Fifthly, that said, Yes. I'm afraid to break your own prejudices about this country being the nation of only wealth (we are quite a wealthy nation but that doesn't mean it's distributed to everyone. Just like Kuwait is an even more wealthy nation and many of their citizens live in way low poverty standards). There are cities we send our Peace Corps enlistees to to be prepared for what they'll see when they hit the nation they're sent to. Don't think because we're wealthy that everyone is wealthy. Or even barely just hitting poverty.
Sixthly, Chill out and remember what you said to Jonny last night. You don't know him so why let what is said bothering you?
Seventhly, he was, again, going to watch my back the one time it was most necessary. Don't fuck with Jonny. I'm not one of these Jonny cheerleaders that you see here. I'm just telling you.

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