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Posted by Frederick Stanley ( on June 09, 2001 at 01:44:45:

Greetings to my clusterhead friends and "family",

Some of you have seen me here before, offering suggestions on things which I've found to aid our condition... I've written about the pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs and also things which are "off into the weeds" which still help or can help us during our attacks.... The demon we all know and have to live with isn't easy to beat.
For those of you who don't know me, I've been a clusterhead for over ten years now, with the condition first being of the "periodic" sort and over the last two years or so being the "chronic" variety... I've gone to the hospitals and the doctors who think they know the "cure" for these things, and who disappointed me when the cure never happened. I've taken the drugs and dealt with the side-effects of those drugs. I've tried accupressure, and vibrational/tension-relieving ideas... In short, I've been through the same mill that all of us go through with this painful, excrutiating condition... So far, nothing has gotten rid of them which has come from "modern medicine". Not Imitrex, or sansert, or oxygen or whatever... Not meditation by itself or change of diet... The "no known cause or cure" part of this has been maddening for me, at best, because no matter what I've tried - the headaches always seem to come back and let me know that it's time to hurt some more.
In my searching for my cure, then, I've been there and done all that this board or other people have suggested I try. Some things work for a bit, yes. And of those, I've always come back here and made it known to any who have read my sendings (so that you , too, might find even the least bit of relief from your own demon pain), which ones do work and don't screw us up more in the process of their working.
A friend of mine came on the board this morning to share in one of these discoveries, and for her sincere care - some of you have dogged her out and flamed her (misunderstanding where she was coming from, perhaps... Still, it was really, really fucking rude of you to discount her and accuse her of the things which you did - and those of you who did it know who you are). So, now, I am here telling all of you to get a grip and just listen to what we have to say!
Boji stones do work! And, she wasn't telling any of you about them to try and get a sale off of your pain... Whoever mentioned that little tidbit needs to remember that help is help is help, and that I and my friend were only trying to do that!
Yes, boji stones can get expensive, depending on the variety you find or are able to buy... Yes, some of the places one can go to for boji stones price their goods way above what they should be. Yes, it sounds unorthodox to those with closed-off minds or hearts... Nevertheless, they do work to abate or end the attacks (when they are used correctly) - and they have yet to fail me in this (where all the modern medicine in the world has failed!)
Bojis are "energy stones", folks... And, lest any of you forget or might not realize - we are also part energy! We might have physical, tangible bodies - but, we also have souls and a soul is pure energy... These stones work to rebalance that energy and, believe it or not, it does something which either stops attacks before they happen, or it greatly eases the pain of one already in progress.
Why they work so well I'm not entirely certain... But, they do work as I've just said they do. And, again you need to believe me (as there have been many days when I really just wanted my head to explode and get it over with, ... days where thirteen headache attacks are common for me), because I wouldn't be here wasting my breath talking about anything which doesn't work! I have a pair, thanks to the lady some of you have flamed, and they're caried with me wherever I go because they work so well against the headaches.
By all means, just listen and put the ego-trips away... You don't have to change religion. You don't have to check this out if you don't want to. Nobody is trying to make a dime, here... I suffer from the same condition, and I'm here to say these things work. It's that simple and straightforward.
Souls are something most of us never consider in our daily lives. We think when we get an attack that it's something wrong with our bodies. But! What if it's not just a physical condition! What if it's our energy that's lacking or in need of fixing!? Can any of you say for certain that it has nothing to do with our pain??? I doubt it, because I can almost guarantee that 80% of us have never thought of it in this aspect before...
Guess what - we might be looking for cures in all the wrong places... It might be the enlarged hypothalamus, certainly, in addition to an "energy-deficiency" in each and every one of our souls... It might be stress-related, because stress absolutely taxes each of us to where it hits us physically (and makes us worn-down)... It might be that those of us who have this demon aren't looking at curing the tangible with the intangible, and maybe - just maybe - we need to find our cure doing both. Looking at our bodies and our souls.
Go ahead, critics... Flame me, too, and see where it gets you. But for those of you who are listening and thinking about what I'm only trying to share from personal experience - couldn't it be that we need to heal the energy part of ourselves too??? (With all the negativity already in the world, who can say that it isn't having an adverse effect on us within our very souls??? And who can honestly say that it isn't a bona fide possibility?) We are both things, people... Bodies which are physical, and souls which are composed of energy or divine substance or whatever you'd care to term it as being... Boji stones work on the soul's energy, and that in turn works on our physical bodies... Since they are interconnected, what helps one helps the other...
The flamers need to check themselves before they overlook something which can and does help this painful place we all know. The listeners need to check out for yourselves if you'd like to get deeper into the subject and maybe obtain a set of Boji stones for yourselves. (No matter what, they cost a lot less than some of the medication we can be placed on.) They are "rechargeable" using only the light of the sun (which is free). And, simply placing them near or on the most painful areas during an attack will ease the pain in that area!!! (If it doesn't take away the attack altogether)
I'm kind of pissed that some of you flamed her like you have... To those specifically, I'd like to say that you need to open up your eyes/ears and get out of your attitudes... It would be a shame if help was looking you in the face and you chose not to look at it, wouldn't it? And for what? So you could hurl mean, invalid comments at others just because you can? What is it that you think you're proving to the rest of us who have to deal with this pain? Enough of the mean shit, people... Bojis do work and those that check it out will find that I'm not talking out my ass...
For the sake's of us all, as well as every other living thing on this planet - be good to one another, even when you don't want to be! It hurts no one to listen and be more than you were yesterday. It makes you better humans and better souls in the eyes of your Maker.
That's all I have to say at this point... I'm putting away my soapbox now... Thanks go out to all of you who just listen and make your own decisions without the flaming... And to all, may your days and nights be pain-free.



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